How to Become a Florida Tax Preparer?

A tax preparer is not the same as an accountant bookkeeper. In this article, let’s talk about how to become a Florida tax preparer.

While tax preparers are required to have a high school diploma. They do not have to pass a Florida licensing test. As of July 2017 Florida does not require tax preparers practicing in the state to be licensed. But legislation is being considered. To become a tax preparer in Florida you will need to attend an online or in-person tax preparation school and pass the tax preparation exams.

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How to Become a Florida Tax Preparer?

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How to Become a Florida Tax Preparer:

Registered Agents

A registered agent is a tax return preparer who must pass an eligibility check. Take a comprehensive test covering individual and business taxes as well as representation issues. And undergo 72 hours of additional education every three years. They have the most comprehensive license provided by the IRS valid throughout the country.

Certified Public Accountants

CPAs are licensed by US states or territories and must pass the uniform CPA exam. Each state or territory also sets additional requirements for tax preparation, such as education and review of certification requirements. Many CPAs will specialize in tax planning or return preparation.

Tax attorneys

Attorneys must be licensed by a state court or a state bar association after obtaining a law degree and passing the bar exam. Not only are attorneys registered tax return preparers. But they can also provide legal protection to a client involved in a tax-related court case even for taxes they have not prepared.

Uncontrolled preparers

The IRS had a program that provides a registered tax preparer certificate to certain preparers. However, this program is no longer implemented due to a decision in February 2014. From the US Court of Appeals to the District of Columbia Circuit Court. Says that “the IRS does not have sufficient legal support for the regulation of the IRS from federal tax return preparers.”

Although the Registered Tax Preparer program is no longer available. You can become a tax partner at Intuit the makers of TurboTax®. In this role you will help accredited agents help prepare 1040 forms for TurboTax Live customers through an on-demand virtual platform. To help you become a certified tax preparer you will have access to development programs to help you earn credentials as a registered agent.

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