How much does it cost to get an accountant to do your tax return?

Tax Return Accountant – How Much Does It Cost?

Filing tax returns is not the most popular task for freelancers or self employed people. It really is an immensely sophisticated technique with an assault course style of legal complexities.

Companies, organizations, trusts and people filing tax returns independently have to spend a substantial chunk of their energy and time to work on getting it done. This means that many people leave it until the last minute, which can result in huge late penalties.

If you are wondering how much it costs to get a tax return accountant to do it all for you this article will give you some important guidance.


Personal Tax Return Costs

Getting an accountant to do your tax return in the UK will typically cost you from £79 up to £600 for a personal tax return, also known as the self assessment tax return, or self employed tax return.

It is always a good idea to get a free quote from the accountant first so that you can work out the exact cost and avoid nasty surprises later on. The reason it ranges is because everyone’s personal tax situation is unique.

Some people only need a basic filing service when they are starting up or getting a tax refund once a year, which will be up to £199.

Whereas high value individuals with greater equity, investments, multiple businesses, trusts and high income will benefit from a more expensive service that provides tax planning and on-going support throughout the year and this usually starts from £500 upwards.

If you are located in the USA then a personal tax return ranges from $199 to $798 to get an accountant to do your tax return.

Tax Twerk have easy tax return packages so that you can choose the cost and level of service that is right for you. The options are Basic, Red, Gold or Platinum. 

Limited Company Costs

For a limited company it can range from costing approximately £300 up to £3,000. This will depend on the size and complexity of of your UK limited company.

If you have a small solo business with a couple of transactions each month, or a part time business then chances are you will pay on the lower end.

On the other hand, if you are growing a large company then it is definitely better to invest more into the accounting services and get everything that you need for long term profitability. This includes taking care of the monthly bookkeeping, international currencies, payroll and sales tax.

Should You Pay The Cost?

When time is money, it is not a smart decision to squander your time on delaying the tax returns or making mistakes on the forms. So why would you pay this cost to an accountant or pay for an online tax preparation service?

Here’s when the best tax preparation service will be to the rescue:

1. The best tax preparation service will assist you with reducing functional costs thus help you to increase your income long-term. Hiring regular employees for accounting related purposes will definitely be more expensive if you are a business owner. Small companies which already are on a limited budget have to get the fastest leg without overpaying for employee benefits. You can find that you will be saving on other indirect expenditures also, such as usage of company’s resources, office overheads, work place electricity, and more – none of them which come cheap.

Self employed people and freelancers must also keep a close eye on overheads and the expenses and you will find that the best tax preparation service can help you with this. All areas on the tax return form that require specialist knowledge will be done for you when you pay the accountant.

In this manner, when you pay the cost to get an accountant to do your tax return you will be spared from numerous costs and indirect bills. This is win-win situation for both limited company owners and self employed individuals.
2. Enhanced attention to core business activities: Whenever a business proprietor is controlling all tax processing related activities by doing it all themselves then his/her focus will easily drift from the primary sales business activities. It is much more important to put your full attention and focus on customer acquisition and business development if you are growing your own business.The mundane tasks related to tax procedures will suck your attention, resulting in less time put in with clients, sellers and other important activities.

In the event of selecting the services of the best tax preparation service you will benefit from improved attention to your core business activities. This can lead to an upsurge in profits as your business now has someone to take care of filing taxation statements on your behalf.

3. By availing the best tax preparation service, companies can ensure they are on right part of law. You’ll find so many tax related commitments, some that will apply to you and the tax laws change every year so why not have an expert cover this area for you?

4. Accountability: If the duty of filing taxation statements is handed to a worker or a team of employees, the business enterprise owner would have to keep a rigid eye on managing that team. Alternatively, by outsourcing your tax return needs and paying the tax return accountant to do it for you  there is less employee management and bureaucracy. The tax return accountant works on taxes every day of the year virtually, so they are definitely going to be accountable.

5. Enhanced security: The best tax companies use tax softwar programs tha ensure security of customer’s information. This may end up being highly expensive if all such jobs are managed in-house and this can be commercially unviable to self employed entrepreneurs.

So engaging the best tax preparation service for your tax related jobs will save your time, money and effort that means you can generate more income and use your time to do what you love.



In conclusion, the best tax preparation service will introudce you to the right tax return accountant to suit your needs and your business requirements. This has many important benefits, such as claiming back more of your expenses, decreasing operational costs; increased attention to your core business activities, conformity with tax laws and regulations, accountability and security.

There is also a silver lining. When you are paying the cost for an accountant to do your tax return you can then claim back this cost as a tax-deductible cost. Plus there’s another advantage; with tax return services that cost more (e.g. for limited company corporation tax) you can ask to spread the cost over several months, or as the tax expert if they have payment plans to help you with your cash flow.

To learn more start a conversation with a Tax Twerk team member on our Live Chat now and we’ll be happy to assist you and make it as fun as possible.





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