How Much Does FreshBooks Cost?

How Much Does FreshBooks Cost? Package Costs Below

Do you want to know how much does FreshBooks cost?

FreshBooks is one of the cheapest accounting applications in SaaS with pricing plans ranging from $15 to $50 per month, depending on the sets and the number of customers.

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Pro Tip: Prices are offered at significant discounts when you take advantage of the annual plan.

Here is the pricing information on how much does FreshBooks cost:


1) Lite Package – $15/month (billed monthly) or $13.50/month (billed annually)

The FreshBooks Lite Pack is designed for small businesses and startups that give up to 5 clients per month.

For $15 a month, this can provide you with all the basic accounting tools you need.

If you choose to bill this plan annually, you can only use this product for $ 13.50 / month.

Here are the features in this package:

  • Invoices and unlimited budgets.
  • Time and tracking costs.
  • Easily accept online credit card payment.
  • Automatically import the costs from your bank account.
More info on how much does FreshBooks cost:


2) Plus Package – $25/month (billed monthly) or $22.50 (billed annually)

For companies expect to handle up to 50 customers per month, FreshBooks Plus offers are available.

This is available from $25 per month when invoiced monthly and $ 22.50 per month when invoiced annually.

With all the features offered by the lite package, this subscription plan offers options for available accounting reports, as well as payment reminder tools.

This is a more detailed list of the features included in this payment plan:

  • Invoices and unlimited budgets.
  • Time and tracking costs
  • Easily accept online credit card payments
  • Costs are automatically imported from your bank account
  • Automatically send payment reminders.
  • Late billing or due invoices
  • Accounting reports (general ledger, trial balance, account card)
  • Schedule of recurring invoices.
  • Send suggestions


3) Premium Package – $50/month (billed monthly) or $45/month (billed annually)

If you have an important large company and serve up to 500 customers each month, the FreshBooks Premium package is a good option for you.

For only $50 per month only when billed monthly or $ 45 / month when billed annually, you can find the following functions:

  • Invoices and Unlimited Estimates
  • Song and song costs
  • Accept easily payments by credit card online
  • Import costs automatically from your bank account
  • Send payment reminders automatically
  • Charges for delay in billing abroad
  • Accounting reports (general ledger, balance sheet, chart of accounts) \ t
  • Schedule of the recurring invoice
  • Send suggestions


Is It Worth It?

The price of FreshBooks is affordable compared to most software solutions.

All of its packages have features to adapt invoices, process credit card payments online, import costs automatically and send budgets quickly.

In addition, they include panels that allow you to obtain full visibility of your financial activities, tools that run time tracking so you do not lose flammable hours, project budget functions, as well as reporting options.

In addition to these features, FreshBooks also guarantees that it will protect your data regardless of the payment plan you use.

That’s why they have standard industry encryption and SSL options as part of their pricing plans.

Plus, if you have any technical difficulty with the platform, the customer service is also included in your payment.

As a bonus, you will get all the premium features to use for free for thirty days. This should be enough time to consider its intuitive characteristics.


FreshBooks ACH Payments

As a hard-working small business owner, you are continuously evolving to keep up with your client and industry requirements.

You are intent on offering the best quality, service and experience.

And with regards to getting paid?…

You would like to make that process like easy and speedy as possible, right?

If you want more money coming in faster make sure you use an automated system like FreshBooks.

This is because they are introducing ACH payments aka bank transfers.

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House.

This is the most recent way for U.S. Clients to get paid 2x faster with a low transaction fee of only 1 percent.

Ideal for big bills, ACH payments ensure you keep more of your hard-earned income while offering your clients even more choice.

What are ACH payments exactly?

ACH is a network that connects all monetary institutions across the U.S. It enables people and businesses to electronically move money from one lender to another.

To provide your clients with the convenience of paying by bank transfer enable payments on FreshBooks if you haven’t already.

Once you’ve turned that on, you can give your clients the choice between paying online or by bank transfer.

If you wanted to know how much does FreshBooks cost it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for growing the income in your business.

What your customers will probably care about is that ACH makes it easier and cheaper to process online payments via FreshBooks now.

Listed below are 3 ACH benefits your clients needs to hear about:

  1. Whenever you use ACH, funds are automatically deposited into your banking account and is marked as paid in FreshBooks for quicker turnaround.
  2. ACH is faster and much more convenient than checks.
  3. ACH is more affordable than other online payments due to small transaction fees.

Please be aware: ACH is available only in the U.S.



If you have just started up a business there is no need for any complicated accounting systems.

So if you’re a beginner asking, ‘how much does FreshBooks cost?’, honestly, I would say use the Lite package to get started and save money.

Moving along, many growing e-commerce companies prefer to use the FreshBooks accounting application.

As one of the best accounting solutions in the industry, FreshBooks provides powerful tools that simplify billing processes, accelerate financial reporting and optimize accounting operations in general.

Companies around the world rely on it due to its scalability.

In conclusion, don’t just take my word for it, it is recommended by renowned organizations such as Forbes and CNN for its intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate design.

In addition, FreshBooks is a fully cloud-based system, which makes it easy for accountants and entrepreneurs to access files securely and send invoices from any device including your phone.

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