How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing?

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing? Promote High Paying Affiliate Programs To Get More Freedom

You know the feeling if you are a super affiliate. You log in to your Clickbank account expectantly each day and eagerly look forward to seeing thousands of dollars rolling in. But if you are new to this you are probably wondering, ‘How do I start affiliate marketing?’

This question will be answered in detail in today’s article.


Step 1: Build Your Website and Funnel

The first step to answer how do I start affiliate marketing is to set up your website and funnel.

When you’ve done the hard work, built your site or blog and pushed traffic by different means you will start to see your business starting to grow. The goal is to build your email list firstly. Cool, right?

If you haven’t already, checkout ClickFunnels for an easy method for beginners.

how do i start affiliate marketing clickfunnels

Imagine this situation…


Step 2: Choose a High Paying Affiliate Product

You log in to your affiliate account once weekly and see you made just two sales – and the commission that you ‘ve earned on these sales is nearly five thousand dollars.

Does that get you focused on doing better and take the strain off?

You bet it does. Welcome to the business of promoting affiliate programs that are high paying.

In addition, one of the easiest places to find high paying affiliate products is the Clickbank Marketplace.

It is easy because you can register in just a few minutes and they don’t have a complicated application process.

The truth is, it’s not that much harder to sell an affiliate product than it is to sell a low-cost product such as an ebook or sound.

You need the right system in place to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, while it not that difficult, its no walks in the park. You must do everything right, or your results will not improve.


Step 3: How To Identify High Paying Quality Sellers

The simplest method is to find a retailer who uses their site as a lead capture system for relationship marketing and to perform personal follow up later.

Let’s face it; it’s very tough to sell an $8,000 coaching program to a list of prospects no matter who wrote the sales letter.

From the retailer ‘s perspective, here’s what’s involved –

First of all, you have to entice prospects on a list with an offer so you can start to build a relationship with them.

You need to prove to them that you mean what you say.

You must follow up consistently using several media (email, sound postcard, letter, telephone).

And you need to persevere until they sell themselves on the idea that doing what you would like them to do is a no-brainer.

Now when you are currently promoting goods, who’s got the time to do this?

This is where an automated sales funnel and email autoresponder fits in nicely.

So instead of one attempt at closing the prospects, you keep in touch over several weeks and months.

There’s no money upfront for implementing a sequential follow-up system to nurture your prospects until they buy.

It a numbers game.

And the number of people you will need to send to a particular landing page or lead capture page varies depending on the offer.

What you are doing is giving value to visitors and followers firstly.


Step 4: Starting Sending High Volumes Of Traffic

Normal conversions for a landing page if the prospect simply sees it one time are between 0.5% and 2%.

That means you have to send somewhere between 50 to 200 people to the website.

If you are making say $30 on each eBook sold, and you will need to send 100 people to the website to sell one (a 1 per cent conversion).

You can see that you will need to send a LOT of people to the sales letter to earn a reasonable return.

This is the part that most people get afraid of after asking how do I start affiliate marketing.


Step 5: Automated Expert Follow-Up

By promoting affiliate products that are high paying through a program that delivers sequential marketing the follow-up is done for you.

To explain the site captures each prospect’s name and contact information and does act as a lead generator.

Over some time, every person in the system is encouraged to speak with the business coaches on the phone or they use proven and tested email copy.

How much more likely would you think a sale is when the business coach personally interacts with your prospects on the phone and by email?

Will it be easier for you if someone else is doing the hard-selling and encouraging them to order?


Final Note

I hope this answers your question about how do I start affiliate marketing.

Now you can see that with the right system and follow-up earning thousands of dollars from only a few sales is possible with time.

Bear in mind, the secret to financial freedom from your online business is finding quality high paying affiliate programs.

In conclusion, when everything is in place all you have to do is sit back as sales are made and send prospects into the lead capture system.

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