How Do I Know if I Filed Taxes Last Year

Instructions to Check if Tax Return Was Filed

How Do I Know if I Filed Taxes Last Year? Here is the answer to your question in this quick 5-minutes read.

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When you’ve documented your charges, you’ll have to bookmark the IRS Refund Status page, which can be found at You’ll additionally observe connect to the discount page on the principle IRS site. To check your discount status, you’ll need to give your Social Security number, your documenting status and the definite measure of the discount you’re anticipating. You won’t have the option to check this site until 24 hours after you present your arrival electronically, yet the data refreshes like clockwork, generally medium-term. In the event that you mail a paper return, you likely won’t perceive any information on the IRS Refund Status page for at any rate a month.
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Before setting up its status page, the IRS refreshed citizens by telephone on discount status. You can at present call the IRS for these updates, however, the most present data is given on the discount status page. The IRS prescribes possibly calling on the off chance that it has been 21 days or more since you e-recorded or a month and a half or more since you sent your arrival. On the off chance that the IRS Refund Status page reveals to you that you have to contact the IRS, obviously, you’ll have to call. Something else, the site is the best asset.


How do I know if I paid my taxes?

You should pay your charges by April 15 consistently. There can be considerable punishments on the off chance that you neglect to do as such. Luckily, the Internal Revenue Service still will take your cash on the off chance that you pay late — and even convey discounts as long as three years after the first cutoff time. You’ll have to begin by making sense of which years you didn’t document your personal assessments. You can check on the web, call the IRS and address an operator or visit an IRS office face to face to discover this data.

Look online

You can check which years you have or haven’t recorded online by heading off to the IRS site. Supply your date of birth, Social Security number and a road address that matches the IRS records. Check through every year that you have to check. You will see a drop-down menu giving you what expense reports are accessible to you. In the event that your expense transcript is accessible for that year, at that point you have recorded your duties.

In the event that it isn’t, you will approach your W-2 and 1099 paycheck structures you have to document your arrival. You can have any of these archives sent to you, or download them from the site. On the off chance that you haven’t recorded that year’s assessments, you will see a message demonstrating that the IRS doesn’t have your expense documentation for that year.


Call the IRS

If it’s all the same to you being on hold — regularly for extensive periods — you can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and address a specialist. The specialist will have the option to look into your assessment data and check whether you have paid expenses at whatever year. You’ll again need to give individual data, for example, your Social Security number, date of birth and address. The location you give must match IRS records, so be set up to offer the location from the last time you documented expenses or generally managed the IRS on the off chance that it is not the same as your present location. The IRS requests this data to help affirm that they are addressing somebody who has an option to think about the data you are looking for.


Visit an IRS Office

You additionally can discover which years you missed documenting your duties by addressing an operator at a neighborhood IRS office. At the point when you show up, take a number and hold up until there is a specialist accessible to address your inquiries. Ensure you have official photograph ID with you, for example, a driver’s permit or state ID. Show up sooner than expected, the same number of IRS workplaces quit giving out numbers before the workplace closes once they verify that the quantity of individuals holding up is sufficient to fill their timetable. You likewise will have the option to get any of the reports and structures you have to document reprobate duties while you are at the IRS office.

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