Health Tips For the Busy Entrepreneur – Peter Voogd Interviews Fitness Legend Tony Horton

In this raw and uncut interview, Peter interviews one of America’s most elite trainers, Tony Horton. He’s also the creator of the #1 home fitness program of all time, as well as an author/actor. Over the past 25 years, he has revolutionized the fitness world by helping millions of people get ripped and get healthy through his world-renowned total-body workouts. These groundbreaking programs are among the most popular home workouts ever, selling a combined total of more than 7 million copies and counting! With a net worth of over 20 million and knowledge of how to dominate an industry this was one of our most powerful interviews yet!

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Peter Voogd is on a mission to shift our culture. He has started a movement to empower America’s entrepreneurs and millennials, and to give them the tools & strategies necessary to elevate every area of their life and business. Peter truly believes that the more people you are able to influence and help succeed, the more successful you in turn, will become. Stay humble, but NEVER lose your hunger.
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In this episode, Peter Voogd meets travels to Hollywood Hills, CA to meet with world class fitness guru, Tony Hortan. You don’t want to miss this!

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