How to Give Rewards to Your Team Every Month! @perkbox

This week I was invited to review Perkbox. It is an online rewards management system and it’s pretty cool.

It is easy to set up and affordable for small and large businesses.

They have a simple monthly payment plan from around £8 per person.

Perkbox is described as motivation and gifts for ‘staff and employees’.

But what I like about it is that if you are an independent digital entrepreneur you can login in the same way to motivate your own team of freelancers, strategic partners or sales team. 

You could even use it to reward your own top clients.

Also I love that it’s a straightforward tax-deductible way of rewarding or giving bonuses to your staff or employees. #Winning! You do know about those P11d expenses, right? 

Their members-only platform has been built to enhance the financial, emotional and physical wellbeing of your employees (or team). There are over 200 exclusive perks.

It can be extremely useful for keeping your team focused on getting more sales for you, rewarding success and ultimately increasing loyalty.

There is a range of perks such as Amazon, Health Clubs, Supercar Driving Experiences, Tech, West End Shows and more.

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