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Samsung S9 is another success release in the market place. Launched in only over a month and is still the greatest competitor of the iPhones. The Samsung S9 features has almost identical to its S9+ model. With its IP68 rating -With its IP68 rating, the Galaxy S9 withstands splashes, spills, and rain so it can take a dip, worry free. Water resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.t

The Galaxy S9 withstands splashes, spills, and rain so it can take a dip, worry free. Infinity Display Quad HD+ Super AMOLED that enables you to enjoy our best edge-to-edge immersive screen, enhancing your entertainment experience.

A stereo speakers pro-tuned by AKG bring you clearer and louder sound.* Experience surround sound with Dolby Atmos, putting you at the center of the action. Dual Aperture F2.4-F1.5 lens adjusts to let more light in when needed, allowing you to capture the right amount of light, day or night. A Pro Mode you can manually adjust camera settings so that every shot looks professional. Radical 960 fps Super Slow-mo – it captures 4x as many frames per second, so you can slow down reality and enjoy every frame. And it still have the Augmented Reality, where you can create an emoji library from just one picture. Personalize messages to your friends with emojis that look just like you.

Price: $719.99

Rating: 4.5

Comparison: The slight difference of S9 from S9+ is that having 5.8″ screen size instead of 6.2″. Battery of 3000mAh compare to 3500mAh. And it’s more lighter in weight of 163g. Overall, features are identical and with way lower price to the S9+ make it a cheaper smartphone.

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