Free Financial Advice UK Government

Free Financial Advice UK Government: Where To Get Free Advice For Personal Finance?

This article is a short summary with information for free financial advice UK government.

Let’s begin by looking at the organisations that are the easiest to reach across the nation.

You can get free financial help and information from:

  • Charities
  • Commercial organizations, such as comparison websites or magazines
  • Services directed or supported by the government, including the Money Advisory Service

While these services can be reliable sources of help and guidance and provide information on different options, they do not offer what is known as “regulated” financial advice.

This means that if you buy a financial product based solely on the information you receive from them, you are only responsible for the decisions you make.

You will also have less rights if the product is inappropriate.

Alternatively, some organizations offer help and information on a wide range of monetary issues, including:

  • Tax
  • Appeals
  • Benefits
  • Credit and debt
  • Housing and purchase of financial products

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Most are free, but for private organizations, or tax attorneys, you may have to pay a subscription for some of the services.

We have grouped them into broad categories to help you choose the most relevant for your needs.


Where To Get General Money Advice?

Here at, we provide free guidance on income tax and how to get business loans or funding.

Our service is available online, and you can make a request here today.


Or if you want to speak to the Money Advice service you can reach them by phone (0800 138 7777) and they are backed by the government.

Here are some other useful sources:

  • campaigns for consumer rights and provides general advice on money through its website, magazine, monetary helpline and legal service. It is a subscription service, so you must pay to be a member to access the money helpline, legal service and magazines. However, much of the information about money on their website is free.
  • Citizens Advice provides free online help on many topics, including debt, benefits, money, employment and consumer rights. For face-to-face advice, look for a Citizens Advice Office near you. Citizens Advice Scotland offers advice on benefits, debts and money: find the nearest branch to schedule an appointment.
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the financial services industry in the United Kingdom. If you use a financial advisor, you can check the FCA record to make sure that the company you are dealing with is regulated. There is also information on financial products, possible scams and how you can protect your money on your website and through your consumer helpline (0800 111 6768).
  • is a useful source, especially to offer advice on how to save money. It is free to use, although the site may receive a payment if you click on some of the links offered.
  • Media such as newspapers, magazines and the BBC (and its related websites).
  • The Pension Advisory Service provides free guidance on all matters related to pensions. It also helps with problems, complaints or disputes that you may have with your workplace or with a private pension agreement. Its helpline (0300 1231047) has specialized pension staff.

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