Frankfurt Airport Tax Refund

Hello! Welcome to Frankfurt Airport. Today I’d like to show you how to get a value-added tax refund. The basic requirements are that your place of residence must be outside the European Union, and you may not have spent more than 90 days here. You also have to make sure to obtain and complete a stamped tax free form from the store every time that you buy something. Once you’ve arrived at Frankfurt Airport, there are two different procedures, depending on whether you will be carrying your purchases on board the plane or packing them in a bag for checking. In both cases, you have to check in first. So head for your airline’s check-in counter, present your passport, and get a boarding pass.

If you have packed your purchases in a bag that you will be checking, tell the check-in assistant. Your bag will then be returned to you with a luggage tag attached to it. Now go with it to a customs desk. To find out where one is located, you can consult our website, the Frankfurt Airport App, or one of the information kiosks around the terminal. Have your completed tax-free forms, passport, and boarding pass ready. The customs officer will check your documents and may ask to see the merchandise too. You leave your bag there to be taken to the luggage conveyor system. After receiving a customs stamp, proceed to any service provider to get your refund. Most of them have their counters next to the customs desk. If there is a long line, you can find more after clearing the security check.

If you will be carrying your purchases into the aircraft’s cabin, you don’t need to say anything at check-in. After the security checkpoint, go first to customs and then to a tax refund service provider.

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