Five Pro Tips From Entreflow Business Management Consultants

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Are you entering the business management industry? Do you intend to aim for the top of the ladder and dazzle everyone with your unique competence? Alright, go for it! Here are five awesome tips to help on your way to consulting glory.


1) Get to know the client’s senior management and the CEO


Imagine the situation where you have a casual, friendly chat with a new face, without any concern for professional image etc., and then the next day it turns out that was the Vice President for PR… and you left a bad impression. Horror, right? Take steps to prevent that kind of embarrassment; the sooner, the better.

Take a good look at your client’s official website; typically, all of the executive profiles will be featured somewhere on there, in a section like “Our Team”. Make your best effort to memorize the faces, and read all the information on them down to the tiniest detail. Basically, get to know them before you even meet them. While you are at it, click here for some tips on how to build trust with a customer.


2) Go through all of the previous related work


Consult the so-called “internal library” of your consulting company. Most of them keep tidy records of all their past projects, previous clients’ information, and what their current direction might be. Het your hands on that as soon as you can.

Go digging for any previous information about your current client and about their biggest competitors. Also, take the time to do a more general search, and see if you can find any similar projects in your firm’s archives. See what other employees did and where they might have messed up – and learn from that.

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3) Always have extra equipment within reach


Contingency planning is one of the most useful skills you can have, both in and out of the business arena. Be prepared for any eventuality, especially involving the things that other people are likely to forget.

Of course, keep it within the limits of common sense – no need to bring a bunch laptops or anything like that. Just prepare a backup stash of the equipment that tends to be critical, such as USB drives, power cords, mice, ethernet cables, converter cables and so on.


4) Have an arsenal of avenues for events


This might seem a bit silly to you, but for top of the line business management consultants, these kinds of social management skills and knowledge are a must. Since you are the consultant (especially if you are new to the workplace), it will be your responsibility to plan for any team-bonding, team-building, group dinners, and any other kinds of relationship-based human resource management events.

Use this chance to show everybody that you pay attention to the details! Research online. Ask your friends for recommendations. If you happen to be going to an unfamiliar location, brainstorm for interesting things to do or see over there, and try to keep away from the mainstream tourist brochures.

Organize it well. Make your reservations well ahead of time, make sure that you invite all of the partners, and make sure that whatever transport you may be hiring will definitely arrive on schedule.


5) Set up your clients and all the competitors with Google Alert


The purpose of Google Alert is to keep you up to date with the most recent online info related to whatever keywords you specify in your settings. This information is mostly collected from sources such as blogs and newspapers’ websites.

So, employ that in your business strategy and set up Google Alert for your client and for their top competitors (up to three business rivals is the optimal number for your purposes). That way you can track the trends in the industry and among the customer base and see how others are adapting to them at the same time.

This step is something that most people disregard – either they never set the alerts at all, or they forget to check up on them as regularly as they should. So this is a surefire for you to add value to your service, especially if you are just starting out in the business!


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