Etsy – How Etsy Саn Неlр Gеt Yоur Сrаft Вusіnеss Оff thе Grоund

Іf уоu аrе а creative сrаftеr, Еtsу rеаllу саn hеlр уоu tо gеt уоur сrаft busіnеss оff thе grоund.

Even if you already have a prosperous local craft market presence in your town, adding the online business by selling on an online marketplace like Etsy can take your craft business to the next level.

By selling online through Etsy, you can get a national and international customer base. You can also interact with other sellers from all over the world, and learn new crafting techniques and ideas.

By placing yourself on Etsy, you move to a different level of craft business, one that is growth-oriented and more in tune with online shopping and social opportunities and resources.

Your business can only grow through exposure to the chances of an online marketplace like Etsy.

There are three main ways that Etsy can help get your craft business off the ground.


3 Ways Etsy Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

The first is that it makes your work visible and accessible to clients from all over the country and all over the world.

For instance, one of our clients had Etsy earnings from Russia, Greece, and Australia.

It would not be possible to reach customers in such places without an online business.

Because Etsy is the most well known and most global of all of the online stores, it can do wonders for giving you access to such customers.

Secondly, Etsy provides a community of other crafters and musicians, who are constantly sharing hints and solutions through the Etsy Forums and inspiring one another through Treasuries, little galleries of twelve things that members select and encourage.

Crafting can often be a solitary activity, so having this community of fellow crafters can push an artist to another level of professionalism and skill.

Third, Etsy provides a jumping off point for the whole world of online marketing and social networking marketing.

By having a shop on Etsy, you can branch out into Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Flickr (a photo sharing site), StumbleUpon, and the entire blogosphere. As an Etsy artist and shop-owner, you have the instant credibility to market, comment, and post contributions to online resources such as blogs and Facebook fan pages.

As you go deeper into these online resources, more and more opportunities for promotion and exploring new avenues for crafting and selling present themselves. These opportunities are far more difficult to find when you limit yourself to a traditional brick and mortar set-up.

Building an online craft business through Etsy can be hard at first, and can seem intimidating.

New skills need to be mastered such as photography and writing ad copy.

But online selling is worth the investment of time and energy.

If you are just beginning your online business, it is going to play a huge part in getting your craft business off the ground.

If you are already established, it is going to bring you a whole new market of potential clients and community of fellow artists to get results in networking and growing your business.

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