Easiest Free Tax Filing Online

Easiest Free Tax Filing Online: 4 Options To Compare

Here are 4 options for the easiest free tax filing online.

Get more information below to choose the right one for you today.

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Many of the tax filing online programs offer a basic version for free or a trial to help you get started.

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Can You Really Find the Easiest Free Tax Filing Online?

The tax law changes made to make filing faster and simpler mean that it is likely you could file taxes online for free in 2019.

Is it easier to file taxes at no cost?

The Tax Cuts along with Jobs Act of 2017 increased the standard deduction to almost double what it’d been, to $12,000 for single filers or $24,000 for married individuals filing jointly.

Ordinarily, we estimate about 5% of taxpayers will probably be taking the standard deduction, up from 70%, states Lisa Greene Lewis, CPA and tax pro for TurboTax.

This is great news for filers because most free tax software products are targeted for the deduction, not for people who itemize their taxes.

Here are the current best options for doing the easiest free tax filing online:


1) TurboTax

The TurboTax Free Edition insures W-2 income and the Earned Income Tax Credit as well as the child tax credit.

And a preceding income threshold of $100,000 has been eliminated, Greene Lewis says.

New this year, there’s free data transport for existing Clients and new Clients can upload PDFs regardless of how they registered their taxes before, she says.

Which lessens the job of data entry if you’re switching from another tax supplier.

Taxpayers using TurboTax are also able to figure out how new tax law will affect them especially.

This is thanks to a brand-new interactive feature you can use to figure out if you’re likely better off taking the standard deduction versus itemizing.

In summary, TurboTax free edition is the easiest option that you will find to get your taxes done online.


2) H&R Block

H&R Block offers online users a tax calculator to help determine how the changes to the tax law will impact you.

You can get access on the H&R Block website.

Also, both TurboTax and H&R Block now let you upload your W-2 via your mobile device by snapping a picture of it.


3) TaxSlayer

Here is our third suggestion for you to compare and choose the easiest free tax filing online.

TaxSlayer also has a free offering for 1040 EZ tax form for tax filers.


4) TaxAct

The free tax software from TaxAct includes offers for 1040 form filers, along with also includes retirement revenue in addition to revenue earned from salaries or salary.

This is the fourth option that you can investigate to get your taxes done nice and easy.

Lastly, individuals who earn less than $66, 00 have a different option to record taxes for free online.

Every year, there are roughly $1 billion of tax claims left unclaimed by individuals who didn’t file a tax return.

This is a lot of money and you could be entitled to get your hands on some of it so don’t miss out.


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