Does Dave App Work With Green Dot?

Dave app is known as the most prominent overdraft processing financial application in the US. Every day, thousands of people use this brown bear to advance cash to help them avoid bank overdrafts. For those who are learning about the Dave app, their biggest concern is whether the Dave app will work with Green Dot – the largest branchless banking application today. Does Dave App work with Green Dot? This article will give you a detailed answer.

Introducing Dave App

This is the ideal application for people with average income and they need a few extra small amounts of money to cover their expenses.

  • To join Dave App, users need to pay a fee of 1$/month, but in return it can save them about 500$/year
  • Dave app has nothing to do with a user’s credit history or credit score
  • One of Dave’s standout features is the budgeting tool’s user support. From this tool, users can spend smarter.

Instructions for creating a Dave App account:

  • Dave app is currently available on IOS and Android operating systems, first you need to go to the app store and download this app.
  • After downloading the app to your mobile device, click on it and select “Sign Up Dave”
  • Then, please provide the following information to the application: Bank login information; phone number; Email; password; Low balance alert amount
  • After that, the application will send to the phone number you registered a confirmation code, you need to enter it to verify the phone number
  • Finally, click the “Finish” button.

You can refer to the information from the bank you are using to see if there are any incentives on Dave App fees. During use, if you feel that Dave is not suitable for you, you can cancel your account by calling the Helpline or by following these steps:

  • Open your Dave app
  • Select “Account”
  • Select Dave Membership
  • Click Manage membership, then click View membership status
  • Then select the button “Pause membership”
  • Finally, select “Cancel my account'”
  • You need to note, if you want to reopen your account, you have to wait 60 days after

Overall, the Dave app has the advantage of providing users with a budget management tool, it has additional low-balance alert notifications and integrates many convenient features. However, this application also has some disadvantages such as low limits and fees.

Introducing Green Dot

Green Dot is known as the “branchless bank” with 33 million users and more than 90 million retail locations worldwide.

  • Green Dot provides customers with a set of financial solutions including: credit cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, checks, payroll cards
  • Green Dot has the advantage of fast processing, good security, tax refund feature for customers
  • Green Dot’s rates are quite competitive and there’s an extra bonus of unlimited cashback when you spend
  • Green Dot has a huge partner ecosystem, including popular companies such as Google, Uber…

Instructions for registering Green Dot:

  • You can open a Green Dot account on your computer or download the Green Dot app to your phone
  • In addition, you can also go to Green Dot retail locations to open an account. Examples include Walmart, 7-Eleven and Rite Aid
  • Then you provide personal information like opening a normal bank account

Overall, Green Dot will be the ideal solution if you are looking for competitive interest rates and cashback rewards on spending. However, Green Dot has KPIs for users, if your spend does not meet the criteria, you will be charged. Green Dot’s monthly membership fee is also quite high, it goes up to $9.95.

Does the Dave app work with Green Dot?

The short answer is yes, you can use Green Dot to top up Dave App. Although it is a bank without an office like ordinary banks, Green Dot has full functions like a bank. Dave app allows users to connect to one or more bank accounts to spend. So it makes sense for these two platforms to work together. You can deposit cash into the Dave app at Green Dot retail locations.

Specific instructions for you are as follows:

  • First, you need to find a place that allows you to deposit cash with Green Dot. There are currently 70,000 of these facilities in the United States.
  • Next, buy a MoneyPaks card from the counter. It has a maximum value of $500 and the fee is $5.59
  • If this is your first time using it, you need to go to first to create a login
  • Enter the card information associated with Dave into Moneypak, the amount of the MoneyPak card you just bought will be loaded
  • Normally, it will take you 60 minutes to wait for the deposit to complete
  • To verify if you have successfully deposited, please check your transaction history

You should remember that, after making a deposit, Green Dot will not give you a refund. Therefore, only provide MoneyPak numbers to trusted people and avoid all requests from unknown phone numbers. You can transfer up to 1000 USD per day to Dave app, minimum 10 USD each time. However, you can only deposit 5000$ per month. If you make a transaction before 3pm Pacific Time, you can receive it the same day, otherwise you have to wait until the next working day.

Conditions to use MoneyPak:

  • You need to verify your identity by providing your social security number and date of birth
  • You also need to verify your mobile device
  • User is 18 years old
  • Your prepaid or debit card qualifies

What are the advantages of this connection?

  • You can top up your Dave app anytime, anywhere, even on holidays or midnight
  • You do not need to waste time on cumbersome procedures at the bank
  • It costs you only a flat fee, which is quite competitive compared to other deposit methods.


Above is information on how to work between Dave app and Green Dot, hope it is useful to you. This way, you can receive money or send money to friends whenever, whether it’s midnight or a holiday. You should care about the security and cost factors of using these two applications because it is quite important. I hope you have a more productive experience with this information from our side.

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