Does Affiliate Marketing Really Make Money?

Does Affiliate Marketing Really Make Money And Can You Make Money From It?

If you’re taking a look at making money on the web, you have probably encountered the term Affiliate Marketing.

Unless you have done a great deal of research on it already, you’re probably wondering, ‘Does affiliate marketing really make money‘?

Let’s break it down.

There are millions of dollars spent on online purchases every day.

With affiliate marketing, you can earn a small percentage of commission on a number of those sales, simply by speaking and recommending products.

With time, that small percentage may add up to big money.

Lots of individuals have made fortunes from doing affiliate marketing so it answers the question does affiliate marketing really make money – yes, for people who have committed and invested in their business they are reaping the rewards.

Others have made a living.

And still others haven’t made anything at all.

This is usually because they went headlong into doing affiliate marketing dreaming of fast and easy money.

Without doing the necessary research or place in the time and effort that you will need to succeed.

So how does doing affiliate marketing work and will you earn money from it? Well, it’s quite easy in theory.

An Example of How Affiliate Marketing Pays

Amazon has one of the biggest online affiliate programs and is a well-known firm with a fantastic reputation, so let’s use them for instance.

Perhaps you enjoy cooking and would love to use your passion for food to generate money online. You can set up a website, or for no price at all, a blog.

One of the ways that you can monetize your website or blog is by doing Amazon affiliate marketing.

You agree with Amazon being well-known and trusted (and it’s easy to do – you go to their website, and you will find all the instructions you need).

You now have a link to Amazon on your website.

You could review recipe books and receive daily traffic to your website.

People interested in cooking and recipes will read the reviews, and a few of them will think about purchasing the cookbook you reviewed.

You will then a percentage of the sales as a commission for your published marketing efforts.

What could be easier for them than clicking on the Amazon link, which will take them directly to a place where they can buy it?

Amazon has made a sale as you pointed a possible client in their direction, and they give you a percentage of that sale.

You make money without needing to produce or stock any books, or worry about shipping and so on. This is how affiliate marketing works.

Affiliate Marketing Income Models

There are many Affiliate marketing models and to answer the question how does doing affiliate marketing work and can I make money from it, you want to get familiar with all of them so you can decide which one is right for you.

The Pay-per-sale example is one.

Another type of Affiliate Marketing is known as ‘Pay-per-Click’ (PPC).

With PPC the retailer site (the one that actually sells the product) pays the affiliate site (your site that makes the referral) based on the number of visitors which click on the URL to get to the merchant website, no matter whether they actually purchase anything.

Other affiliate programs pay by how many visitors, who click onto their website from yours, actually sign up as leads, by providing some requested information.

There are many methods of doing affiliate marketing, and making money from it.

The answer to the question does affiliate marketing really make money and can I make money from it, is pretty straightforward and easy – it is not a complicated business model.

The challenge is in the execution and the time you are willing to work on your business to see th return on your investment.



If you’re going to do affiliate marketing, know your target audience, your product and make sure you provide visitors an incentive to visit your website.

Be prepared to put in some hard work – if you get it right, you will reap the rewards.

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