Doctor Checks Patients’ Facebook Before Calling Their Parents

Take, for example, emergency room physician Dr. Louis Profeta. In his recent post on LinkedIn, he explained why he checks out his patients’ Facebook pages. Not every single one of them, but just those who didn’t quite pull through in the ER. Dr. Profeta does it before informing their relatives of their passing…

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Why Dr. Profeta checks out his patients’ Facebook pages 0:25
Why financial organizations may be very interested in your social media life 1:33
Potential landlords 2:44
Potential employers 3:58
Some statistics 5:18
Why embassies might visit your social media accounts 6:23

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– Dr. Profeta looks his deceased patients up on social media so that he can retain his humanity and understand that those who have passed away were individuals with their own dreams, hobbies, plans, family, and friends. The doctor is sure that he at least owes this to the relatives and loved ones who he’s about to deliver the worst message to.
– Initially, banks were curious about your job, income, and typical expenditures. But nowadays, they even look at your friend lists! Apparently, in particular circles, experts believe that your habits and personality traits are as crucial as the size of your income when a lending decision is at stake.
– Potential landlords might also scope out your social media to find out more about you. By checking out your accounts, they can see you when you’re off guard.
– According to Business News Daily, these days more than 70% of employers use social media as an essential part of their screening process. That’s a major increase from 60% in 2016.
– in the IT sphere, 76% of hiring managers tend to check an applicant’s social media. In sales, the figures are closer to 65%. About 59% of employers who work in retail and 56% of those who deal with manufacturing visit candidates’ social networking accounts.
– Some embassies may visit your social media accounts as well. This way, they can pick out individuals with inappropriate behavior or views on life.

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