How to Declare Your P800 Online Tax Rebate?

Online Tax Rebate – P800

If you have received a notice from HMRC advising you to have paid too much tax, now you can claim your online tax rebate by making use of your Personal Tax Bill.

HMRC’s end of year reconciliation process for PAYE taxpayers began on 10th June 2016 and it is expected to bring about six million letters being granted to those who haven’t paid the right amount of taxes. Officially called P800 Tax Calculations, will go out between August and Oct.

What has modified this year?

Recently, if you received a P800 taxes calculation which demonstrated that an online taxes rebate was credited, you could be prepared to get a cheque through the post a couple of days later. For 2016, as HMRC persists its “digital strategy”, taxpayers should lay claim their online tax rebate utilizing their Personal Tax Consideration and have the amount of money paid straight into their bank-account.

Check your calculation

If you get a P800 calculation, it’s important to check on the income and tax results carefully against any P60, P45 and P11D certificates you have for the entire year – the computations are only as effective as the information placed by HMRC, which is in no way perfect! Keep in mind, HMRC declare that it is your responsibility to identify any errors!

How to file your online tax rebate

If you are one of the lucky ones who overpaid tax this past year and you’re happy that the computations are right, you have 3 options to declare your online tax rebate:

Option 1: Go to the HMRC website and follow the steps to ask an online tax rebate through your individual Tax Consideration. To claim online, you’ll need to register using your government Gateway ID. If you have never used HMRC’s online services, you will be prompted to create a government Gateway ID.

Be sure you have this information at hand:

-Your nationwide insurance number.

-P60 for 2015/16, a payslip or your passport to check your identity.

-Your employer’s PAYE guide number (you will get this on your P60 or P45).

-Usage of a landline or mobile (you’ll be sent a confirmation code when registering).

-Your work and money received details.

Once you have completed the web process, the tax refund will be sent to you within 2-3 weeks time.


Option 2: If you are having trouble being able to access your online accounts, you can contact HMRC on 0300 200 3300 to obtain your online tax rebate (alert: expect long holding out times on the telephone!).


Option 3: Await a cheque. Unless you claim your online tax rebate within 45 days and nights, HMRC will automatically send you a cheque for the entire online tax rebate.

There are a great number of scams on offer relating tax online tax rebates. It’s important that you continue to be vigilant online rather than disclose your individual details if you don’t are sure the web site is genuine. HMRC never distribute emails or texts telling you to send your bank details in regards to an online tax rebate.

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