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Credit Repair Agencies – Choosing a Credit Counseling Agency Can Reduce Your Monthly Payments

When you’re trying to pay down your debt sometimes going to the perfect high calibre credit repair agencies will decrease your debt and lower your monthly payments.

Nowadays many people go to a credit counselling service for this aid. A credit counselling agency can help you if you’ve got a large number of outstanding debts.

But you must do a comprehensive check on all credit repair agencies because unfortunately a lot of unscrupulous agencies have sprung up.

There are quite a few approaches to find legitimate credit counseling agencies. And I’ve listed some steps below:


National Foundation For Credit

The first thing would be to go on the World Wide Web to the National Foundation For Credit (NFCC).

Pick one of their member agencies.

The NFCC certifies them and they’re non-profit.

Being a non-profit organisation does not necessarily guarantee that you’re guaranteed to clear all debt, but it’s a good place to begin.


Lower Interest Rates

When you get in contact with a credit counseling agency they’ll make an appointment for you to bring in lists of your income (if any), assets, and expenses along with any letters you have from all the people you owe money to.

The goal of a legitimate agency is to negotiate lower interest rates as well as lower your monthly payments.

Legitimate credit counselling agencies might be able to negotiate lump sum payoffs which are less than the total that you owe.

Bear in mind that if you go this route, it will be noted on your credit report – which will decrease your credit score.

But at this point, it is better to clear up the financial difficulties rather than avoiding it.

As a result, it makes life easier for you and ultimately put you back on the road to a better credit score.


How It Works

You’ll pay the credit counselling agency a small monthly instalment fee and perhaps an additional fee for every account that you owe money to.

In return, they will contact your creditors and negotiate lower monthly payments.

By way of instance, if you’re paying off five bills and they charge $5, that comes to $25 per day.

You would give a check to the agency, and they will pay these creditors.


The Advantages of Using A Credit Repair Agencies

Your major advantage is they can often pay lower interest rates and lower fees than you can’t easily negotiate on your own.

That doesn’t mean that you should blindly accept their guidance.

Look closely at the plan they are proposing.

See if it makes sense for your personal situation.

If their plan doesn’t seem like it is going to save you money or allow you to pay off your debt sooner don’t feel pressured to do it.

There are also credit repair agencies who can represent you over the phone or online and this saves you from travelling to long meetings so you get fast credit repair.

Finally, always do research into a company’s background and charges before you sign an agreement.

If you are looking for credit repair agencies, Get a Free Credit Repair Consultation from the Credit Assistance Network.

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