Completing Your Tax Return – the Tax Credit Number

Many people find the tax return form daunting. But most people actually just need to complete a tiny variety of the boxes on the return. HMRC is stimulating people to record results using the personal tax online system, nevertheless, you may still record a paper return – although you will have a shorter filing time frame. For the 2016-17 paper return it is 31 Oct 2017, in comparison to 31 January 2018 for online tax filings. You should visit your nearest Tax Return Office and get the Tax Credit Number.

In the UK the tax credit helpline number is: 0345 300 3900
If you are abroad, you can ring +44 2890 538 192

If you record online, you’ll be asked to choose which parts you will need to complete. The correct pages will be designed for your return.

The basic self assessment tax return has 8 webpages but HMRC may add extra web pages so that you can report particular varieties of income or increases, depending after your own circumstances. For instance, if you are self-employed, there must be extra web pages for information about your business income and bills. To get more information on this you can visit your nearest Tax Return Office and also get the Tax Credit Number. When you have income from in foreign countries, there are special ‘Overseas‘ webpages to complete.

If you post a paper return in some format, it is your decision to require any extra portions you need. You could download a paper tax return and extra webpages from here:

When you have submitted a tax return online in the last year, HMRC won’t send you a paper tax return. When you have chosen digital communication with HMRC, you will be sent a letter to check your password and access on-line. In any other case you should get a notice letting you know to file a tax return. You also can visit your nearest Tax Return Office and get the Tax Credit Number.

In the event that you normally file in writing, HMRC should send you a ‘notice to record a tax return’. This notice reminds you that you’ll require to post a tax return. Don’t wait until it is too late. If you wish to file a paper tax return and also have not been delivered one, you’ll need to download a duplicate from the HMRC website. You also can get this form your nearest Tax Return Office and get the Tax Credit Number.

Short Taxation Statements

HMRC also offer a short tax return with only 4 webpages to a lot of people whose taxes affairs are straightforward. You can ask for a short tax return. You also can get this information by visiting your nearest Tax Return Office and get the Tax Credit Number.

When you have been sent a brief tax return but it isn’t appropriate for your position, you should ask HMRC for a complete longer self assessment tax return. The short return may not be best for you, or your family family, if you are a business director, have overseas income, have obtained redundancy obligations of over £30,000, have made capital benefits or have sophisticated tax affairs.

In such instances it’s important that you require a full tax return, or you could be struggling to declare your entire income properly and could pay the incorrect amount of tax. It will cost you a lot more money and stress later on. To get the correct amount you can visit your nearest Tax Return Office and get the Tax Credit Number.

Each tax calendar year operates from 6 Apr to the next 5 Apr. The tax return covering the yr ended 5 Apr 2016 may also be called the ‘2016’ tax return’. The deadline for mailing your completed taxes get back into HMRC is determined by whether you send a paper return (31st Oct) or document it on-line (31st January).

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