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Community tax (CTAX) has helped thousands of clients with their tax needs and settled a huge number of dollars in debt for their clients. Community tax contracts tax experts, for example, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), selected operators, and tax lawyers and helps with both government IRS and state tax issues.

Notwithstanding tax goals help, the organization offers tax return readiness, bookkeeping, accounting services, and other extraordinary choices for clients, (for example, IRS tax toll relief, IRS tax lien relief. The tax prep service and tax checking service assistance customers guarantee that their tax documenting is done effectively, get the privilege tax discount, and avoid future tax issues.


Community tax relief’s estimated expense is somewhere in the range of $2,500 and $4,500. While the expense for community tax’s services is high, it is focused on the business. Taxpayers must have at any rate of $7,000 in tax debt to utilize CTAX’s services. The organization helps singular taxpayers, enormous organizations, and independent companies with tax debt through tax goals services.


CTAX is an entire service tax organization headquartered in Chicago, IL and has been committed to helping clients across the nation since 2010.


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The Good


  • Many IRS debt Forgiveness Options


  • Educational Resources


  • Services


  • tax Forgiveness Professionals


  • Availability


Numerous IRS Debt Forgiveness Options


Most tax relief organizations give a wide range of IRS debt Forgiveness choices. Community tax offers an inside and out a clarification of its IRS Debt Forgiveness program and the diverse services included.


•       Offer In Compromise

A great choice for taxpayers who are at present having money related troubles. The IRS decides the most extreme sum that the taxpayer can pay without causing money related hardship. The rest of the pardoned and once the sum is paid, the taxpayer is discharged from the IRS tax risk.


•       Installment Agreement

enables the taxpayers to satisfy their equalization over some undefined time frame.


•       Streamline Installment Agreement

This understanding enables taxpayers to complete installment on a huge cost, for example, a vehicle or kid bolster installments. This arrangement partitions the installments into a timetable.


•       Partial Pay Installment Agreement

Installment plan is convoluted and requires the taxpayer to uncover all money related data. The taxpayer is put on an installment plan for a long time and pays lower taxes in general.


•       Traditional Installment Agreement

Understanding is a basic portion plan: the taxpayer pays the whole tax debt over numerous installments. The sum is partitioned into regularly scheduled payments over some undefined time frame, up to a 10-year legal time limit.


Community tax gives answers for basic tax issues, like back taxes, punishments, and bank demands.


Instructive Resources


Community tax offers a few instructive assets to enable the individuals to owe back taxes, including a tax structure library. This library contains all the various sorts of tax structures with clarifications on the most proficient method to precisely round them out.


A client can demand any of the structures and get guidelines for each structure. This will enable the individuals to battle to fathom tax returns.


Community tax likewise has a page committed to basic tax terms and definitions, (for example, tax risk, non-collectible status, land trusts, tax preparer, tax specialists, and so on.). The definitions give genuine situations to more profound comprehension.


Community tax additionally has a tax blog that contains intriguing posts about various money related subjects. Numerous posts center on tax hints and laws, in any case, the blog likewise covers essential monetary guidance. Its expansiveness stretches out to cash reserve funds insider facts and independent company accounts.




Tax debt can influence your money related security, particularly if the IRS has started to survey punishments. The community tax relief IRS debt Forgiveness program involves an entire service, one-stop tax service. It offers plenty of tax services and understanding choices. Services that are offered incorporate the accompanying:


  • Tax goals services


  • Tax planning services


  • Accounting services


  • Bookkeeping services


  • CTAX observing services


CTAX’s tax relief services are a two-advance procedure. At first, the organization demands data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or state taxing power, and looks at it to the customer’s records.


This permits community tax to decide the best game-plan dependent on the tax circumstance.


The tax goals stage includes deciding an answer and presenting a proposition to the best possible taxing position. The organization keeps up open lines of correspondence with its customers during this procedure.


For increasingly nitty gritty data on how community tax would enable your tax debt circumstance, to exploit the free discussion. During the meeting, you’ll hear an appraisal of your case, how community tax will assist you with your tax bills and debt, and get increasingly nitty gritty data about the expense of relief services.


Community tax’s checking services are intended for people and organizations. The fundamental rendition of the service is free. It enables taxpayers to prop track of what’s up on with their taxes before tax season begins, which makes it simpler and quicker to alter retentions to guarantee that you won’t owe the legislature when tax season comes. The observing additionally enables taxpayers to keep away from potential issues later.


Tax Forgiveness Professionals


At the point when clients with IRS tax debt work with community tax for their tax relief needs, they can hope to get service from authorized and devoted tax experts.


Community tax’s group comprises of CPAs, tax lawyers, selected operators, and tax specialists. It offers individualized tax services and all customers are given an individual specialist to take a shot at their case.


An affirmed open bookkeeper can assist customers with bookkeeping, accounting, and tax prep during tax season. Confirmed tax preparers can likewise help with tax prep. Contingent upon your circumstance, your taxes could be straightforward or convoluted. In the event that you have an increasingly unpredictable tax circumstance, it very well may be a smart thought to work with a tax preparer to get ready taxes to guarantee that you get the correct discount.


With an accomplished tax lawyer or enlisted specialist on your side, you’ll have the skill to safeguard yourself from an IRS review or IRS debt punishment.


The Specialists At Community Tax Can Assist Clients With The Accompanying Tax Relief Alternatives:


  • Notice of Deficiency


  • Fresh Start Program


  • IRS Installment Agreement


  • Offer in Compromise


  • Innocent Spouse relief


  • IRS Payment Plan


  • Penalty Abatement


  • Stair Step Agreement


  • Currently Non-Collectible Status


  • Help with Unfiled Tax Returns


  • Help with Tax Lien Issues


A portion understanding sets up an installment intend to pay your full tax debt after some time. An idea in trade-off settles your tax risk with the IRS. The settlement is normally paid in a lump sum.


Taxpayers may fit the bill for guiltless life partner relief if the tax debt outcomes from their life partner’s decisions alone and they were uninformed of these choices. This choice expels punishments, similar to wage garnishments, tax duties, and tax liens, from a blameless companion.


At the point when customers sign up with community tax, they have the choice to give community tax the intensity of lawyer. This implies the experts at community tax will make correspondences for the customer’s benefit.


These experts can enable you to battle an IRS tax lien, tax toll, wage garnishment, and some other tax relief service accessible. The tax experts at community tax frequently lead to high consumer loyalty and high quantities of positive community tax surveys.




Community tax relief is accessible for every one of the 50 states. A tax relief organization that services every one of the 50 states shows that it has the ability and assets to hold fast to every state’s diverse tax laws. All clients could possibly qualify by area. Also, community tax doesn’t have a base debt necessity, making it simple for clients to fit the bill for tax relief.


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