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“I received a cheque for over £8,000 for my tax refund within a few weeks. It feels incredible to get the tax I’ve paid back and the process was so easy! No stress or hassle for me” — Amir Khan



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Did you know that today, one in three people in the UK file a tax refund?

Filing online for income tax returns are similar but offers several advantages. The most obvious advantage is the extended deadline as you get three extra months to collect information. Moreover, the tax calculations are automatic and faster on digital tax returns. The tax gets calculated automatically, and you get a faster repayment if HMRC owes you money. So you can get a quicker tax refund and get money back. Another added benefit is that you get an on-screen confirmation message, once you have filed the tax return.

Submit the income tax return online. HMRC’s income tax return program provides the information one seeks when filing tax returns online. The system pre-fills the online income tax return with information already held such as your National Insurance number and address.

Want help today? In the event of tax, always call Tax Twerk.

We’re an online Luton based company & proud! We work for clients worldwide so please do give us a call to discuss your income tax and digital tax return requirements.

The company is based in an upcoming town called Luton, Bedfordshire, UK – home to Luton Town Football Club, London Luton Airport and Luton Carnival. Our online income tax filing service works with clients across the UK and globally.


1. We charge for the care, security, speed and reliability to support you with tax service and the checks to reduce your tax bill as much as legally possible

2. Avoid penalties on late submissions and save yourself an average of £3,000 on fines

3. No more nightmares or sleepless nights about tax returns

4. Pro­active advice and step­by­step guidance for all clients

5. Become part of a bigger movement. It’s not just about tax, it’s about your lifestyle & wealth


To make your cash flow easy and to help with budgeting our tax completion packages are payable in 9 monthly instalments (although if you prefer you can pay in full on commencement of the work).

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