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Claim Tax Back – how making tax digital in the UK helps claim tax back for self-employed people

Get aware of the new, digital services in the UK for the self-employed people and how the best tax professional can help you to claim tax back and help you get aware and familiar with making tax digital. Read about the most common situations where you can claim tax back that you should be aware of.

Claim Tax Back for Employees

If you are employed in a full-time job you are also entitled to claim tax back and if you wish, we will guide you in the right direction today.

Does This Afffect You?
Check the common list below to see if your situation allows you to claim tax back:

1) If you are in a high-income bracket then you may be able to claim tax back for the income tax you have paid throughout the year.

2) Or if you have left your job, changed jobs, or changed to running your own business then it is highly likely that you are due a tax refund.

3) We also serve many militiary service employees who claim tax back on their mileage and travel.

4) It is also becoming popular for expats and residents to move overseas of leave the country – if this is the case for you too then you may be due a tax refund also.

5) Or if you are employed and you want to claim tax back for any other reason check with us today – we provide free tax advice to answer your first questions and point you in the right direction.

6) You are self employed, or running your own small business, and you want to claim back more deductions in order to claim back tax, or in other words reduce your tax bill legally for your company.

We are happy to give you a range of solutions and the best special offers for your tax refunds and self assessment tax return.

If you would like to talk to us about your tax refund or to claim tax back simply send a message now in the Live Chat and we’ll do our best to serve you today.

How Does It Work?
A fully digitized tax return system is ready to make things simpler, better and faster. The latest trend aims to push everything online and create more tax refunds to help people get the extra revenue that they are entitled to each year. The digitally advanced tax system is aimed to ah help all those who do not have tax lawyers and with simpler tax affairs.

Even if you are not aware of the new, digital services or are not well familiar with new, digital services, do not worry. All you need to do is get in touch with a competent tax professional who can help you.

What Happens After the Tax Service?
After your tax return is filed you will then be entitled to your tax refund. This is the first step required to claim tax back. HMRC will then automatically update your online tax accounts. The best part is that one can log on any item to view their taxable benefits, wages or pension and the interest earned.

The Future of Digital Tax Returns
HMRC plans to address passive taxpayers and make them more active. The government has made it clear that small businesses and individuals need to provide information more often than once a year. Those who are self-employed will report their information to HMRC quarterly. Taxpayers who make more than £10,000 a year from self-employment or the pensioners must update their information on a regular basis.

Claim Back Tax for Business Owners
It is the time that small businesses, landlords and self-employed will be required to start using the digital tax services from 2018. Seek help from a tax professional who can help make regular updates, claim back your expenses to lower your tax bill and keep digital records for HM Revenue and Customs. More than two million small business owners are already using HMRC digital accounts. Soon, every small business and the self-employed individual will have access to their own digital tax account that allows them to interact with HMRC digitally.

Claim Tax Back Online
Take advantage of the fast paced technology of today that is making taxes easier and simpler. With just a few clicks, one can enjoy easy tax administration as a personalized service that has been customized for your needs.

By 2020, self-employed, small businesses and individual taxpayers will be able to register, file, and pay their taxes online, thanks to the new, digital services. Now, one can get their tax related information anytime and file their taxes in time.

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