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Claim Tax Back – Tax Advice of Military Personnel

Military or MOD workers can claim tax back when in the military against travel expenditures for non permanent postings of under two years, even beyond the UK.

Using either your own vehicle or open public transport matters for your MOD tax relief claim. You are able to Claim back tax when in the military any overpaid taxes going back the last four years.

The typical tax refund that our military clients get back is £3,000 for each tax year.

Despite what some individuals are saying, it is possible to claim tax back when in the military completely within the HMRC taxes refund guidelines. You can discover more about claiming back tax when in the military by sending us a message on our Live Chat now.

What information is required to claim back tax in the military?

MOD tax refunds can be complicated, but experts in travel and expenditures make everything simple and stress-free. All that the tax professionals need is to  to determine your Claim back tax when in the military and then process it for you. Below are a few things to help you get prepared today:

– List of bases you’ve went to – Copies of task requests are helpful. It’s also advisable to claim back tax when in the military to include any time spent on classes or training.

– Your monthly payslips – In the event that you haven’t got all your payslips, you can download because it is required for Claim back tax when in the military.

– Other assisting documents – MOT certificates, P60s and P45s can also help your lay claim. Don’t worry if you cannot provide these though, an agency can still claim back tax when in the military without them.

– Mileage log – Show the mileage of the journeys you have travelled if using your own vehicle.

– Other information – Tax professionals may ask you a few simple yes/no questions about your financial circumstances e.g. if you have every other resources of income such as local rental income, whether you have an educational loan or a pension. The MOD accommodation guidelines may also impact your self assessment so provide details on your living plans. This will be used to calculate the tax you’ve overpaid.

You’ll also be asked for claiming back tax when in the military to set up an individual self assessment tax account. It’s free and you will be in a position to see everything regarding your tax, including all information from organisations, banking companies and building societies and other authorities departments all in a single place. So this is important to Claim back tax when in the military.

What can you claim for to claim back tax when in the military?

To be able to maximise the MOD tax provision here are a few additional things that you may be able to claim. Have a think about if this is relevant to your unique situation or not:
– Additional uniform.
– Food costs.
– Travel to any classes necessary for your tasks.

You may get a clear calculation of how much money you are able to claim back by using our HMRC tax refund calculator. It requires less than one minute for us to complete and can gives you an instantaneous estimate to claim tax back when in the military.

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