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This 60 Second Docs episode is inspired by The Gifted, a new series on FOX from the X-Men universe, airing Mondays at 9/8c. Watch More:

Barbara Casados couldn’t get her two-year-old autistic son, Maddox, to dress in the morning unless he was wearing a superhero cape. It wasn’t long before Maddox’s classmates took notice of the cape and his classmates’ parents took notice of its positive impact on Maddox. They asked Barbara if she could make capes for their children too. Now, through her web-based nonprofit Capes4Heroes, she’s leveraged her super-sewing abilities to transform more than 15,000 children into a collective of powerful, confident super humans. In celebration of the families we find — and the superpower of community — she and her network of volunteers have made countless custom capes for kids facing challenges to help them discover their inner super humans.

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