Can You File a Late Tax Return Electronically?

Do you want to know, ‘Can you file a late tax return electronically?’ You bet you can. By going online and accessing your financial records from any computer, there is no reason to worry about the IRS coming to collect your money, especially when you file your taxes electronically.

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Can You File a Late Tax Return Electronically? 1

Preparation of your tax return

When filing your taxes, the first thing that happens is that your tax forms are processed by your tax preparer. This prepares them for submission to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). After this is done, the preparer then enters the information into the IRS accounting system.

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For most taxpayers, this is the only step in their journey to making a late tax return. It seems that after all of the preparation is complete, it is only a matter of time before they receive a notice from the IRS stating that they owe money. With so many people filing their taxes electronically, it would seem that it should be an easy process, but it is not.

Some online tax services offer an online portal where you enter your financial records into the system. This is often referred to as a “paperless” service. If you are worried about the technology, don’t be.

All that it takes is entering your financial records into the system. The information entered by you will be processed by the IRS, and the determination of your financial status will be done automatically. While you have the IRS on speed dial, you can relax, knowing that you are one step ahead of the IRS.


Online tax services

Many online services offer a “personal tax account”. This is a separate account that you use only for tax-related transactions. Most online services also offer a fee-based service that allows you to pay the service fee online, and the amount due is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. This is considered a “pay as you earn” account, and it is not taxable.

There are still a number of issues that you need to consider when it comes to the use of online tax services. One of the most important ones involves trusting the information that the online tax services are providing you with. You need to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable and professional company, that you know you can depend on to keep your personal financial records safe.

Fraudulent activities have been identified recently in tax situations across the country. With the technology that is available today, most tax professionals believe that it is impossible to know who you are dealing with online, since so many are offering “pay as you earn” accounts.


Filing late tax returns

The biggest issue in getting a late tax return filed electronically is that many people do not understand the technical details that are involved. The government’s program to provide electronic returns to taxpayers has made things a little more complicated than in the past. Remember, the IRS is still the tax collector, so you have to use common sense when dealing with the software and online services.

It is also important to realize that if you cannot file a late tax return electronically, that you still have an opportunity to be refunded. You should learn to file electronically, and then notify the IRS in writing that you wish to file electronically. The filing of the written request will mean that the IRS can determine whether you are qualified to file electronically and then send you a Notice of Federal Tax Refund on your behalf.

In addition, the IRS does not require a person to file a late tax return electronically. However, if you have been certified under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to make your tax returns available to the public, you may be able to file electronically. Again, if you believe that you are qualified to file electronically, and can document it with the required documentation, you may be eligible to file electronically.


Final Note

The final thing to remember when trying to determine whether you can file a late tax return electronically is to find the correct tax professional help at a firm that is familiar with your particular situation, state and local laws, and requirements. I hope this helps you with the popular question can you file a late tax return electronically.

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