Can I Buy a Car on Finance for My Son?

Teen drivers often think they need a loan, financing, as a way to get the car they need. But it is not always easy or the best solution. It may not be a solution, especially for those under 18. There may be a number of financing options for those over 18. So now we will talk about the question, ‘Can I buy a car on finance for my son?’

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Can I get financed a car for my child?

We advise you not to sign for money for your child in your name, as it would be designated as ‘accommodation’ and many financial providers in the contract say that the person signing the agreement must be the owner/manager. Also it is for the registered driver.

We recommend that you submit a joint application with your child or act as guarantor of your car financing application, as our panel has lenders that can help the workers of car financing agencies. You could only act as a joint employer, but you would have to make sure that all payments are made on time, or this would affect your credit history. If you want to get more funds in the future for another car, it must be as long as you can show that you could pay both cars.


Be careful when with a consultant

Many teenagers make the mistake of receiving advice from a dealer about internal financing and business issues. For example, if the teenager is exchanging and is still paying a loan, there is a good chance that the loan is “upside down”, which means that the loan balance is greater than the value of the car. A dealer will provide “assistance” by “paying off the previous loan” and introducing the negative balance of the loan into a new vehicle loan, creating a recurring situation, a recurring cycle. Once again, worsening the problem at every turn of the cycle.
This is a bad way for your teen to start a lifetime buying cars and managing money. Loan defaults, recovery and credit problems can easily result.


Stay away from problem financing

Teenagers often have limited finances and need to find a way to buy and finance a car.
The most common method for teenagers under 18 is to get a car that their parents buy from them, perhaps with an informal family loan agreement. The car must be in the name of the parents, the registration, the title, the labels and the insurance. When the child is 18, parents can sell the car to change owners. If its funds, teenagers can get a routine car loan from a bank or credit union, but without a credit history, parents would have to sign. It is an excellent way for young adults to start taking credit for themselves.
For those over 18, parents usually endorse the young buyer for a normal automatic loan, assuming that the teenager has enough income to pay the loan.


Avoid buying car dealers

Unless the only option available to you, try to avoid “paid dealers here” (BHPH), who sell old cars, charge high interest rates and are very tolerant. For late or lost payments. Your business is to sell, recover and resell. These types of distributors do not use banks or financial companies to provide loans to customers, as traditional distributors do, so they can ignore customer credit problems. However, many customers soon realize the disadvantage of buying from such dealers: unreliable and over-designed vehicles, with no guarantee or return policy, a high loan interest rate and a strict repayment policy.


Teens and credit: bad credit or no credit

Many drivers for the first time did not have time to establish a credit history, which could create financing problems. Some have a credit history, but have late payments and loan defaults that negatively reflect their history and create a low credit rating.
“How much you pay for your car loan or lease depends directly on your credit score”

The approval of loans and the purchase of auto insurance are based on credit scores, which determine the history of consumer loans. This information is often incorrect or outdated.


Before you go, I hope this summary about can I buy a car on finance for my son is helpful for you.



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