Business loan for bad credit in UK

How to get a business loan with bad credit

If your company has a bad credit rating, you may not get the lowest and cheapest commercial loan rate. Business loan for bad credit in UK can be harder to find, this is because lenders think it is dangerous to lend.

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Here are more tips to help you below. If you are looking for a personal loan, the lenders will analyze your personal credit score. With a commercial loan, the lenders are looking at your commercial credit score.


If a commercial loan application has been rejected due to bad credit, there is still a way to request a loan. These are classified as bad credit commercial loans. To get one you will know:

  • Your commercial credit score. A commercial loan application that is always rejected is not a bad credit score, but each lender will have its own criteria. Knowing your business credit score could help you give a loan
  • Why do you want to borrow? Decide why you are applying for a loan and what you want to use, as there may be other options. These include registration platforms such as Crowd Cube or commercial grants for small businesses.
  • How much you need The lenders in our comparison offer bad credit commercial loans from £ 1,000 to £ 500,000
  • How much time do you want it? Lenders offer terms of between three and five years.
  • What kind of finance works best? Find out what other types of finances you might consider.


Bad credit       

If your business has a bad credit history, it may be more difficult to get the money you need. However, some lenders are more likely to lend to companies with bad credit. Check the criteria before applying for a loan, as they change from one lender to another. Some have to have a minimum annual turnover and how long they have been negotiating before the loans are approved. If your business does not meet any of your criteria, meet that lender on your list and look elsewhere. If you keep trying, it could damage your credit score. Online lenders may have better access to companies with bad credit. This is because traditional lenders may have more needs like banks. When you get some potential lenders, you should check the annual percentage rate (APR) and the duration of the loan term. This will affect the total cost of your loan.


What affects your credit score?

Each lender will have its own criteria for a good credit rating. Here are a number of factors that can affect:

  • Late or lost payments
  • Current debt
  • County or bankruptcy court judgments
  • Multiple requests are made in a short period of time.

A Credit Reference Agency (CRA) generates your business credit score to show how reliable it is in loans. The three CRAs in the United Kingdom are Experian, Equifax and Call credit. Lenders will use this information to determine if you are eligible for a loan and fixed terms if your application is successful. A higher credit score increases your chances of offering you a cheaper loan.


How can I improve my credit score?

Choose one of the above CRAs and verify your credit rating. When you have access to this information, you must confirm the following points.

  • The information is correct and updated. If not, you can ask the agency to modify it
  • You can access credit options such as a commercial credit card and use it to increase your credit rating
  • So You have your business name in your commercial bank account
  • You are paying bills on time and this shows your account statements and cash flow
  • Your accounts are archived on time
  • Close old accounts if you no longer need them
  • If you apply for a commercial loan with bad credit and pay it on time (without losing any payment), this can improve your credit history. If you lose or fall behind in payments, this can cause more damage.

5 best bad credit commercial loans now

Applicants with an “excellent” score have access to almost any loan (within a reason), and those with a “weak” credit are considered high risk by the lenders. Even with bad credit, there are still financing options available to you. Even the Small Business Administration, which SBA loan programs help homeowners as they obtain funds when banks reject them, have minimum credit requirements and other criteria. However, alternative lenders are not as dangerous as banks and the government. Instead, they will agree to expand capital to a wider selection of business owners, including those seeking commercial financing for bad credit. These companies tend to focus more on the overall financial health of their business, so not all of your credit score corresponds to your criteria.


Short term loans

As the name implies, short-term loans for bad credit applicants are a consolidated version of a traditional term loan provided by a bank. Like a regular term loan or mortgage, you and your company will receive a lump sum to finance the project you want. You will pay the principal, plus interest, in accordance with a predetermined payment schedule during a repayment term agreed upon by the firm. The duration of the schedule is the difference: you will pay short-term loans much faster than a traditional loan, which can expire up to 30 years after signing.

In general, short-term loans are due in 18 months or less, depending on capital and its importance. You can use these loans for any commercial purpose, without being a flexible option without a long-term commitment. If you have other loans with less accessible terms, they may offer the opportunity to be approved for a commercial debt consolidation loan, putting aside bad credit.

Commercial credit online

unlike short-term loans, this financing option is not traditionally based on loans. Instead, when it is approved for a line of credit business, applicants have access to bad credit in the funds they have to spend. Acceptance of funds works with many of these jobs as a business credit card; Withdraw the exact amount of funds required by your business and only pay interest on the remaining capital. However, unlike credit cards, you return the money on a regular schedule. Instead of minimum monthly payments, you will pay daily, weekly or monthly for up to 12 months. Once you have paid the initial amount, you can take out more. Unlike some options that require guarantees to obtain them, an unsecured line of credit can be found with a bad credit score.

Financial accounts receivable

The available receivable financing, known as invoice financing or invoice discount, is an alternative financing product that converts the invoices into cash immediately in your small business. They are excellent options to get the working capital you want while waiting for your customers to pay you. If you are thinking of obtaining a commercial loan with bad credit and no guarantees, this option takes care of both. By using the client’s credit potential and the use of incoming invoices as collateral, lenders mitigate a large loan risk for your business.

Equipment financing

If a company needs to replace or add new equipment, funds are available for credit. These loans are generally obtained through the equipment that finances. This means that the lender will be less about your credit score since, if it fails, you can recover your losses by seizing the collateral and selling. You can get up to 100 percent of the value of the equipment being financed, although some lenders require a minimum payment of between 10 and 20 percent.

Cash advances for merchants

A commercial cash loan (MCA) is not a loan, but it can also help you get working capital. Like products receivable and equipment financing, the end of the world is not interfering with the advancement of commercial money with bad credit because it finds itself. When you enter into an agreement with an MCA lender, you receive a cash sum in exchange for a percentage of your future sales, which ensures that the lenders are repaid. Unlike other short-term financing options, the solvency of your business is less important. The most important things are solid projected sales. Your potential sales are the amounts taken into account in the use of anticipated amounts and factor rates, used in MCA instead of interest, to determine your financing cost.

Other “bad credit” commercial loans

Regarding business loan for bad credit in UK there are other ways to obtain financing, although they have a price. “Bulk” loans and other forms of private financing offer very short and high value options. With these “hard money” commercial loans, bad credit scores are not taken into account like many other underlying factors, such as income and collateral.


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