Best Tax Software For Independent Contractors

Best Tax Software For Independent Contractors: 5 Options in 2019

Are you curious about the best tax software for independent contractors? In this article, we analyse the top companies that create tax software for self employed people. Check out the summaries to decide which one is the best for you.

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Small business proprietors can set up their own tax returns for a small amount of the expense of tax experts by using the best tax software for independent contractors.

We looked at different popular tax software to distinguish the best small business tax software.

The summary covers value, highlights, and usability.

For many clients nowadays, the best tax software for little business permits bringing in QuickBooks information and automatic mistake checking.


Fast Action Box: The Best Tax Software For Independent Contractors

If you’re in a rush, here is a list of the best tax software for contractors and self-employed individuals:

  1. H&R Block – (Best in general) Small businesses to get ready business substance and individual tax returns
  2. TurboTax – Little businesses that utilization QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Self-Employed
  3. TaxaAt – Consultants who need a reasonable arrangement
  4. TaxSlayer – Sole owners searching for the best esteem tax software
  5. E-Keen Tax – Sole owners who likewise claim investment properties

1.   H&R Block:

H&R Block is the best and our top pick since it incorporates a larger number of highlights at the cost than some other software on our rundown.

For a one-time expense, H&R Block Premium and business gives you a lot value.

The H&R Block Premium and business release is the best tax software for little business due to its alluring value, highlights, and client support.

The Premium and business release consolidates two software projects under a solitary value indicate, empowering clients to get ready both their business element tax return and their own tax return.

Finally, this is a popular choice in the USA for the best tax software for independent contractors

H&R Block Cost

H&R Block costs $99.95 for the Premium and business release versus $119.99 for TurboTax Home and business release.

Like TurboTax Home and business, H&R Block enables you to produce up to five government tax returns.

H&R Block Features

H&R Block has a Self-Employed release that is fundamentally the same as TurboTax Home and business.

And they have a Premium and business version that goes well past what TurboTax incorporates.

Both H&R Block releases enable you to get ready both your business and individual tax returns.

The two releases enable sole owners to document Schedule C, however, the Home and business version goes past Schedule C filers to incorporate tax structures for enterprises and charitable associations.

H&R Block Premium And Business

H&R Block Premium and business is perfect for any business element, including sole ownership, S-corps, C-corps, LLCs, and philanthropic associations.

On the off chance that you have workers or 1099 contractual workers, you can likewise document your finance tax returns 940 and 941, and process yearly structures like 1099-MISC and W-2.

This release incorporates a greater number of highlights than the Self-Employed version.

In addition, if you use Quicken to keep your books or you utilized TurboTax to record your arrival at year end, you can bring information into H&R Block from these two softwares.

Like TurboTax Home and business, H&R Block incorporates a derivation discoverer, an implicit error checking feature, and live client support which is very helpful.

H&R Block Self-Employed

H&R Block Self-Employed does not have such huge numbers of highlights as the Premium and business release, however, at $104.99, its $15 more than the Premium and business version.

Regarding highlights, it matches up in all respects near TurboTax Home and business release and costs less (TurboTax is $119.99).

However, we don’t recommend the H&R Block Self-Employed version since it is excessively restricted.

Regardless of whether you are a sole owner who needs to record Schedule C, you ought to pick H&R Block Premium and business, which incorporates Schedule C, finance tax structures, 1099 tax structures, and a mess more! Also, you will spare $15.

H&R Block Ease Of Use

While H&R Block tax software is generally simple, you have to finish all required data before proceeding onward to the following screen.

Like TurboTax, the software aides you through a progression of inquiries and answers like in an online meeting.

On the other hand, not at all like TurboTax, the language utilized in H&R Block is more confusing.


2.   TurboTax:

TurboTax is the best alternative for business proprietors who use QuickBooks work area or QuickBooks Self-Employed to deal with their monthly books since you can bring your information into TurboTax.

We would recomend TurboTax as the best tax software for independent contractors when it comes to the actual tax filing tasks.

Bringing in your information from QuickBooks will accelerate the tax arrangement process.

Tragically, you can’t import information from QuickBooks Online into TurboTax.

TurboTax Home and business release are perfect for sole props and expenses $119.99 versus $169.99 for the TurboTax business version.

TurboTax Cost

TurboTax comes in two unique forms, beginning with at a one-time expense of $119.99.

TurboTax Home and business release are perfect for Schedule C filers, and TurboTax business version is perfect for enterprises, associations, and not-for-profit associations.

The drawback of utilizing the business release is that you can’t document your own tax return utilizing the software, while TurboTax Home and business enables you to record both your own and business tax returns.

TurboTax Features

TurboTax gives two tax planning software projects.

TurboTax business gets ready business tax returns for substances, for example, S organizations, C Enterprises, Limited Liability Companies, and associations.

TurboTax Self-Employed (on the web) or TurboTax Home and business (work area) set up the individual tax return.

TurboTax can import information from QuickBooks and has strong blunder checking and client help.

TurboTax For Business

TurboTax business Edition is best for proprietors of an S-corp, C-corp, multi-part LLC, Partnership, or Trust.

The business release is work area software for getting ready business tax returns, while the Home and business version is perfect for Schedule C filers as it were.

Furthermore, you can get ready data returns, for example, Form 1099-MISC in the two releases, yet getting ready W-2 shapes for representatives is just accessible in the business version.

Features Of TurboTax Self-Employed Include:

•           Personal tax Returns: Prepare one government 1040 and state tax return.


•           Information Returns: Prepare Form 1099-MISC for self-employed entities and Form W-2 for representatives.


•           Accounting software: Easily move information from QuickBooks Self-Employed to TurboTax to spare time.


•           1099 Data Import: Can pull in speculation information from taking interest money related organizations so you don’t need to enter in information from Forms 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID, and 1099-R.


•           Depreciation: TurboTax encourages you to make sense of the best deterioration strategy for hardware, apparatus, and other fixed resources.


•           Error Checking: TurboTax checks tax returns for mistakes.


•           Online software: TurboTax Self-Employed is online software, got to remotely through an internet browser.

TurboTax Home And Business

TurboTax Home and business is prescribed for Schedule C filers.

Not at all like TurboTax business, you can document both your own and Schedule C returns together, though the business release just enables you to record your business tax return.

With TurboTax Home and business, clients can get ready up to five tax returns.

TurboTax Ease Of Use

Like H&R Block, TurboTax is generally simple to utilize.

Clients can explore the software in numerous ways, for example, utilizing meeting style questions and replies to move through real segments of the software.

In addition, clients can navigate straight to information screens.

Clients can import business salary and costs from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Self-Employed.



3.   TaxAct:

TaxAct is perfect for specialists since it is fundamentally more affordable than TurboTax Home and business.

TaxACT Self-Employed is a one-time expense of $49.95 versus $119.99 for TurboTax Home and business.

The essential contrast between TaxAct Self-Employed and TurboTax Home and business is you can just record one government tax filing with TaxAct versus five tax comes back with TurboTax.

TaxAct Cost

The two releases of TaxAct are essentially less than TurboTax and H&R Block.

TaxAct Self-Employed is a one-time charge of $49.95 versus $119.99 for TurboTax Self-Employed and $104.00 for H&R Block Self-Employed.

The essential motivation behind why TaxAct costs less is on the grounds that you can record just a single government tax return versus five administrative returns in both TurboTax and H&R Block.

TaxAct Features

TaxAct business release comes in five versions: S Corporation, C Corporation, Partnership, Estates and Trust, and Tax-Exempt Organizations.

Each of these business tax software versions is accessible as online software or as downloadable work area software.

TaxAct individual tax software for business proprietors comes in two assortments: Self Employed+ (online software) and Self-Employed (work area software).

Taxact Self-Employed+

TaxAct Self Employed+ is an online tax software that is perfect for consultants.

It costs $49.95, and you can document both government and state tax returns for your business and your own taxes.

Dissimilar to TurboTax Home and business and H&R Block Self-Employed, which enable you to document up to five government tax returns, you can just record one administrative tax return in TaxAct.

In the event that you are an enterprise, association, or not-for-profit association, you have to pick the business version.

TaxAct Business

TaxAct business version is like the TurboTax business and H&R Block business releases.

You can document tax returns for sole owners, companies, associations, and philanthropic associations.

Not at all like H&R Block business release, which enables you to document both your business and individual tax returns, can’t you record your own tax come back with TaxAct business version.

Taxact Ease Of Use

TaxAct is generally simple to utilize.

Like TurboTax and H&R Block, TaxAct has a meeting mode that will enable you to react to questions.

Furthermore, you can likewise change to shapes mode and go straightforwardly to the segment you might want to finish.

Finally, the interface isn’t as clean as TurboTax, and there is no simple method to skip parts that don’t concern you.


4.   TaxSlayer

TaxSlayer is a great choice for the best tax software for independent contractors who need to record Schedule C.

With TaxSlayer Self-Employed, clients can set up their own 1040 and Schedule C forms starting from around $47.00.

Be that as it may, if you are an enterprise, association, or not-for-profit association, you can’t utilize TaxSlayer to record your business tax return.

It is really for your federal and state taxes to be filed online.

In summary, TaxSlayer Self-Employed features client support, great affordability, a straightforward interface, good direction and review help.

TaxSlayer Cost

TaxSlayer Self-Employed costs much not exactly a large number of its rivals.

At an expense of $47, it is short of what 33% of the expense of TurboTax Home and business ($119.99) and H&R Block Self-Employed ($104.99).

Like TaxAct, you can just record one government tax return with TaxSlayer versus five with H&R Block and TurboTax.

Check out my favourite picks-

TaxSlayer Features

TaxSlayer is online tax software for preparing individual tax returns (Form 1040 and related calendars).

One good component that you might be looking for is the ability to file past tax returns for previous years.

To explain, TaxSlayer has the capacity to produce ready tax returns for earlier years such as 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Like H&R Block Self-Employed, TaxSlayer permits Schedule C filers to finish the majority of the essential tax structures expected of a sole proprietor.

Features TaxSlayer Self-Employed Include:

•           Personal tax Forms: Prepare Form 1040, Schedule C (independent work), Schedule E (investment properties), Schedule F (ranch business), and other individual structures.


•           Data Import: TaxSlayer can extricate essential data, (for example, name, address, and Social Security number) on the off chance that you transfer a PDF of a past tax return.


•           Audit Assistance: TaxSlayer gives assistance if your tax return is inspected. Nonetheless, review help isn’t accessible for state returns or government tax comes back with Schedule C, pay from Schedule K-1, or Form 2555.


•           Online software: TaxSlayer is accessible in the cloud like other accounting software.

Taxslayer Ease Of Use

TaxSlayer’s online tax software is simple enough to utilize.

Like H&R Block and different contenders, each real segment of the software has a menu where clients can drill down to explicit information input.

Clients can likewise hop to a particular information area by entering a number in the inquiry box or clicking a segment name from the menu.

5.   E-Smart Tax:

This is our last recommendation for the best tax software for independent contractors that you can check out today.

E-Smart tax is useful online tax software for independently employed business proprietors who possess investment property. Like TaxSlayer, you can’t record corporate, organization, or not-for-profit tax comes back with E-Smart tax.

E-Smart Tax Cost

At $54.95, the E-Smart Premium version is somewhat more than TaxAct Self-Employed ($49.95) however a ton not exactly H&R Block Self-Employed ($104.99) and TurboTax Home and business ($119.99).

In any case, you can just document one government tax come back with E-Smart tax premium versus five online tax returns in H&R Block and TurboTax releases.

E-Smart Tax Features

E-Smart tax gives essential highlights to planning individual tax returns (Form 1040).

E-Smart tax backings the readiness of structures required by sole owners and investment property proprietors.

Dissimilar to other tax software, E-Smart tax can’t import information from QuickBooks or other money-related software, and can’t download speculation information from budgetary establishments.

Highlights Of E-Smart Tax Premium Include:

•           Personal tax Forms: Prepare Form 1040, Schedule C (independent work), Schedule E (investment properties), Schedule F (ranch business), and other individual structures.


•           Data Import: Download and import Form W-2 wage information from partaking bosses.


•           Deduction Finder: E-Smart tax surveys whether you are qualified for tax credits and conclusions.


•           Audit Support: E-Smart tax will meet with you, help you get ready for the review, and clarify how the tax return was readied.


•           Online software: E-Smart tax is accessible just as online software.

E-Smart Tax Ease Of Use

E-Smart tax is generally direct tax filing software.

With a meeting based interface like H&R Block and TurboTax, clients explore through a progression of screens that pose inquiries and assemble the applicable data.

In summary, E-Smart tax dashboard has great on-screen clarifications, albeit a few parts are somewhat tedious and could be more clear for people.


In closing, I hope this helps you learn more about the best tax software for independent contractors


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