Best Tablets for Performing Musicians

Tablets are now standard equipment for many musicians. You can use them to display lyrics and sheet music, play video lessons, or even use them as a portable mixer, MIDI controller, or backing track player. In this article, I am going to introduce you to the top 6 best tablets for performing musicians currently on the market. Because there are tons of them on the market, it can be annoying for them to go through all of them, so it should be easier on this list!

Top Best Tablets for Performing Musicians- Our 6 Picks

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3 inch:

Best Tablets for Performing Musicians 1

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Have you decided to switch your Windows laptop or desktop to a tablet, but are a bit skeptical about whether or not you’ll cut the mustard? Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro is definitely up to the task. And something else. With the integrated kickstand, optional Surface Pen, and detachable keyboard, Microsoft’s flagship tablet gives you excellent battery life and full laptop functionality.

If you’re looking for a tablet for music production and you’re thinking about the performance and capabilities of the Surface Pro, you’re in good hands. There are 3 processor configurations; Intel m3, i5 and i7 along with a variety of storage and memory options to choose from. For music producers and musicians who are serious about their craft, the Intel Core i7 option will handle 16GB of RAM and a large 1TB SSD with any heavy CPU programs consumed on it.

2. Apple iPad Pro 12.9:

Best Tablets for Performing Musicians 2

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Due to the love of the Apple iPad Pro from both working musicians and the masses, it has been the best dog in the tablet market for many years. Thanks to its incredible display, fast processing power, and dominating app selection, if you’re on a generous budget, the iPad Pro should be at the top of your list for consideration. You can use the tablet with a nifty smart keyboard and Apple Pencil that will help musicians turn the iPad Pro into anything from a music mixing workstation to a live recording device.

It’s now also easier for your eyes to open multiple Windows apps simultaneously on your mobile DAW, thanks to the high-resolution 2048 x 2732 retina display. And despite the large 12.9-inch screen size, the Pro is easy instantly place in your backpack. It will have an ultra-fast A12X Bionic processor chip. If you plan to use the tablet for live music premiere, you will be pleased to know that the iPad Pro offers ultra-fast latency and thus robust performance on a multitude of tasks at the same time.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6:

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The versatile Galaxy Tab S6 is lightweight and portable, with performance that convinces anyone who doubts that Android can roll up its sleeves and get through a full twelve rounds with Apple. The crisp 10.OL AMOLED screen and Quad AKG speakers get a lot of work done and fun on the S6. And the fast Snapdragon 855 processor makes it easy to take notes, check emails, and use music apps. From music to movies, media loads and streams quickly as the watch runs over Wi-Fi, many users report.

The Tab S6 has very good battery life. However, even though Samsung claims you get 15 hours, standard battery tests reported 11 hours of video playback. Because battery life is very important to anyone using a tablet for a music premiere, remember that when using power-hungry apps, you’ll likely get power in less than 11 hours.

4. LG G PAD 5:

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Do you think tablet developers will surprise us year after year with great future widgets? Take a look at LG G Pad 5 10.1. And you will be a little disappointed. LG has undoubtedly created a new tablet that has made some progress, but it does not convince users of its design. The LG G Pad 5 10.1 is an Android-based device and can connect to 4G LTE mobile data.

Unfortunately, that’s all about perks. While the 10.1-inch LCD has the same 1,280-by-800-pixel resolution as the Galaxy Tab 4, it’s not particularly impressive. It has a firm viewing angle, but the maximum brightness makes it desirable. The display has 149 PPI, so the text looks rough and the colors dull.

5. Fusion5 tablets:

Best Tablets for Performing Musicians 5

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FUSION5 can be described with three characteristics: great value, great design, and great experience. In 2010, they founded a brand called Fusion5 Best Windows Tablet PC and confirmed that they are experts in Windows and Android tablets. This super slim and stylish device with a 10-inch screen is a great tool not only for recording music on tablets, but also for watching movies, surfing the web, working and studying.

This tablet provides the user with a convenient experience. FUSION5 can boast efficient performance that is on par with the latest models. Thanks to an Intel CPU, you can watch world-class online videos while being sent to an external TV panel or monitor via the micro HDMI port.

6. Dragon Touch Notepad K10:

Best Tablets for Performing Musicians 6

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If you are looking for an inexpensive tablet, the Dragon Touch K10 is a great variable. Although the cost is not high, it shows great performance. When you check its functionality, I wonder why the price is so low. The tablet has a cool 10-inch screen and Android 8.1 Oreo operating system, making it a perfect machine for entertainment purposes. Thanks to fast network connections, you can easily and quickly surf the web, download videos, play games, watch YouTube, browse Netflix content, and social media.

Overall, you will be surprised (in a good way) by the amount of features that Dragon offers you for so much money. You get great features without spending a fortune. Of course, this device may not compete with the best iPads in the world, but it can be a perfect solution for those who want to get great functionality and save some money.

Before you go, I hope that the above article related to best tablets for performing musicians will be become helpful and beneficial for you.

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