Best Place To Get a Tax Refund Loan

Best Place To Get a Tax Refund Loan

Are you looking for the best place to get a tax refund loan? Check out our recommendations below and learn more about it if you are curious to get a tax refund loan.

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Tax Refund Loan

Put the brakes, as tax season speeds into gear. Without understanding the best place to get a tax refund loan you could be missing out.

Here are popular tax refund loan companies that you can use:

  • H&R Block
  • Jackson Hewitt
  • Liberty Tax Service
  • Credit Karma
  • Intuit TurboTax

Note: Some of these tax refund loans are named ‘free’, but they can be linked to some type of cost.

Always be clear about the cost for any services that are required and ask about any fees that you may have to pay for the loan beforehand.


Refund Anticipation Loans

Tax refund anticipation loans (RALs) are another option you can consider.

Here are five things you ought to know about RALs, including alternatives which are cheaper and less risky.

  • You’re paying to borrow your very own money.
  • RALs are short-term loans are secured by your refund.
  • You can get money without penalties.
  • When the refund arrives, it’s utilized to pay off the loan as soon as you can.
  • You’re taking on risk by signing up for the loan.
  • RALs arrive including an increased debt burden in case a refund is denied, delayed or anticipated.
  • They may be costly over the long-term if anything goes wrong as pricey as RALs may be in the brief term.
  • Significant debt can pile up with time and hurt your credit rating.
  • RALs are expensive. RALs arrive with numerous fees, which could include a loan program fee as large as $100, a tax prep fee, check processing fee.


Bottom line? Expect to pay a minimum of $200 for a $2,000 fast tax refund.



You’ll need a reassurance guarantee from the tax preparer.

You will find the refund cited on your taxation form and a refund accounts fee for solutions involved with establishing temporary accounts.

You may encounter RALs in unexpected places.

Companies that prepare and file taxation returns are the place most consumers come across these instant refunds.

But they are not the only places that might pitch a RAL to you.

Car dealerships, boat showrooms and furniture and electronics stores would be among the many companies that offer these loans.

There are better and more affordable alternatives as we have listed above.

The best move is to have patience and have the Internal Revenue Service send your tax refund totally free.

This service is usually free at most banks and credit unions.

You may also find tax help for free by speaking to a tax professional about the best place to get a tax refund loan. Be a smart consumer.


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