Best Mic For Ambient Field Recording

This Article Contains a Short Summary About The Best Mic For Ambient Field Recording. Here are the top 3 choices available to buy on Amazon. You can click the blue buttons to see the latest deals and get more information.


1. Neumann U 87 Ai

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Features and What We Like About It:

Neumann is likely one of the most notable microphone brands so check out this Neumann U 87 today and get the best deal on Amazon. The Neumann U 87 Ai is one of the most well known top-end huge stomach condenser microphones on the planet.


It features 3 diverse polar examples. A switchable high pass channel. And a 10 dB pre-lessening cushion. Likewise is very flexible and perfects while recording a wide scope of sound sources just as utilizing distinctive techniques. Do take note that it requires apparition power.


More About It U 87 Ai

The U 87 Ai is certifiably not a microphone that gives you a totally level reaction – there is a slight lift in the mid highs to give your vocals some nearness. Yet the mid-range is all level. And you have the high pass feature incorporated with the mic on the off chance that you have to utilize it.


Getting into the features. The U 87 Ai has three polar examples: omnidirectional, cardioid. And figure 8. Omnidirectional permits you to record with the microphone in any position. Cardioid with the sound source directly before the mic. And figure 8 with the sources in the front and back of the microphone. This takes into consideration a lot of adaptabilities while recording vocals, regardless of whether it’s an independent artist or an entire ensemble.


With respect to the high pass channel and mic constriction. The pre-lessening cushion chops the mic’s sign down a few dB. Permitting it to acknowledge sound from a lot stronger sources, similar to a guitar amp, hard-hitting drums, or even metal instruments. The high pass sift is particularly helpful for slicing through thunder and mud from the sign without having to EQ it out in your DAW. This can be incredible on the off chance that you have a vocalist with a bass overwhelming tone.




  • Extremely high calibre because of the current hardware.


  • Handy features that make a recording, altering, and blending simpler.




  • Not totally level recurrence reaction.


  • One of the most costly on this rundown.

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2. Warm Audio WA-47

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Features and What We Like About It: 

The Warm Audio WA-47 is a standout amongst other vocal microphones with a work of art, with intense sound, check it out to compare. The WA-47 is a huge stomach tube condenser mic made during the 60s and was a most loved decision among numerous specialists, to be specific Frank Sinatra and the Beatles.


On account of the nine polar examples (cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure 8 alongside 6 in the middle of examples), the WA-47 has a huge amount of adaptability, making it incredible for recording with various techniques and situations in the studio.


Worked with premium parts, you don’t get anything however top-quality sound from the WA-47. Its strong sound and unpretentious warmth imply that it doesn’t have a particular level reaction run, yet it goes from 20 Hz to 20 kHz which is exceptionally wide for a decent microphone.


While there are no extravagant features like a high pass channel or lessening cushion, the WA-47 compensates for that with an extraordinary sound and demonstrates that by being one of the most elevated appraised proficient vocal microphones.





  • Bold sound with simply enough nearness and warmth.


  • Extremely wide recurrence reaction goes.


  • Premium parts for a fair sound and bunches of sturdiness.


  • Nine polar pickup designs.




  • No high pass channel or constriction cushion.


  • Not totally level regarding recurrence, it includes a touch of exemplary hue and brightness.

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3. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone 

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Features and What We Like About It: 

The Shure SM7B is a great microphone for ambient recording so check it out today, it is a well-equipped vocal microphone for singing also and was even Michael Jackson’s decision microphone for recording his hit collection, Thriller.


Shure makes particularly solid microphones, and this dynamic mic is no special case. While it is principally utilized in the studio, the SM7B can be utilized for live exhibitions also, in spite of the fact that it may not be as solid and equipped for the street as a portion of Shure’s different mics seems to be.


Getting into the features, the SM7B lets you tailor it to coordinate a wide assortment of voices and applications on the off chance that you have to mitigate a high, deafening voice or remove somebody from a bass substantial voice. These double tone controls make it ultra-flexible and simple to achieve these things. There is a double band uninvolved EQ for low profile/high go just as to include nearness support. The nearness help is incredible for female voices and the low profile is extraordinary for male voices.


Since it’s a dynamic mic and not a condenser, the SM7B can deal with higher volume sound sources without any problem. The plan of the mic is very intricate; there are an inside suspension and stun mounting framework. This wipes out vibration and crashes clamor during taking care of. It additionally has electromagnetic protecting to shield murmuring from getting into your sound sign, which can be an issue in studios with a lot of electronics.





  • Internal shock mount encourages prevent commotion identified with unpleasant taking care of.


  • Plosives are disposed of with an incorporated pop channel.




  • Extremely strong and made to last numerous years.


  • It only has a cardioid polar example.


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