Best Jobs For Gigging Musicians

It’s Time For the Best Jobs For Gigging Musicians

Do you want to continue to find the best jobs for gigging musicians? Here is a short summary to help you out. See the 12 different ideas below.

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1) Online Scoring Rater

This gives you the opportunity to work at home. This involves working on the revision and qualification of the evaluation tests for a series of modules. There is a need for three or more years as a music educator. Training will be provided. All the technical requirements must be met.


2) Growth Leader

The growth leader will be responsible for defining music growth and coordinating and implementing growth programs. Their job is to create a scalable and stable data infrastructure and provide a customer insight with a research team of end-users. 


3) Audio Creative Producer

Popular online music scenes look for an independent candidate to work with sound designers on an internal podcast production material. As well as, edit audio content to fulfil a creative vision and evaluate and register applications. You must have five or more years of experience in creative sound production.


4) Virtual Music Teacher

You will work in a virtual learning environment, communicating the needs of the course and the school, developing the content of the course with synchronous and abnormal tools, monitoring the progress of the students and qualifying the work of the students. Part-time, remote jobs are available or by contract.

5) Transcriber – Music

Responsible for transcribing song lyrics in their native language. Must have strong language skills and a great eye for details. The candidate must be an expert in technology and have a great listening capacity, along with experience in iOS/Mac OS. Freelanceand remote opportunities are available.


6) Writer

This is when a media group is looking for a freelance writer to submit articles on topics that include popular music, entertainment, lifestyle and music. There is also a teleworking opportunity.


7) Music Marketing Assistant

Provide support to the music marketing leader and the music marketing team. Compilation format, reports and information. Keep the campaign trackers. Strong attention to the data and presentation skills required. A four-year degree is required. Temporary positions are available.


8) Content Coordinator

A full-time temporary candidate will review and format music metadata to meet company standards, handle sound errors and data reported by clients, and descriptive quality-control metadata. Cataloguing experience is an advantage.


9) Music Therapist

A hospice music therapist sought a part-time job. It provides internal therapeutic services for palliative care patients. The requirements include a related bachelor’s degree, one of the other years of related experience, and certification as a music therapist.


10) Music Curator

The music manager will participate in the development of playlists for a music streaming website. Applicant wanting to experiment one or three years; the best thing is to know the Latin, the world and/or the spa. Position contract with telecommuting option.


11) Mixing

Whether it’s a live concert or in the studio, mixing is always important. Many bands or venues require a high tech person to keep them up to speed as the concert progresses. Ask around or notice that there is no type of sound, give them. Money can be good if you know what you are doing.


12) Managing Artists Or Bands

If you have had to deal with music venues or labels before that, you will know that there is a certain amount of art to find the full value of your music. Bands and beginners or inexperienced musicians can use a helping hand from someone competent in the industry to make sure they are not being paid too low.


If you’re thinking about the best jobs for gigging musicians all the time then it’s an interesting time to start taking action.


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