Best Home Theater Subwoofer Under 500

This Article Contains Data About The Best Home Theater Subwoofer Under 500. Check out the top 2 recommendations below and click the blue buttons for more information on the Amazon site.


1. Polk Audio PSW505

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  • 300-watt control


  • Adjustable low pass hybrid


  • Five-year guarantee


  • Improved bass reaction


  • Great esteem at the cost




  • Limited frequency territory


  • Rear port plan includes noise


Feature And What We Like About It:


Ask any individual who has utilized this subwoofer from Polk Audio, and they’ll disclose to you that it is by a wide margin the best subwoofer for the cash, time frame. Numerous clients report purchasing various, either to set up double subwoofers for a 7.1 encompass sound framework or to use in different rooms.


One of the features that separates this subwoofer at the cost is the power yield. Contrasted with the numerous 50-watt subwoofers accessible for under $500, this subwoofer is equipped for 300 watts of ceaseless sound power and up to 460 watts of dynamic power. Most clients report infrequently turning the increase to over 60%, which leaves a lot of volume while as yet working in the sweet spot of this subwoofer.


The drawback to this subwoofer at this value point is that the frequency territory is generally restricted, at 23–160 Hz, so you lose the progress frequencies between your bass and your mid-frequency speakers. Likewise, clients note that the backport structure is powerless to causing noise, which can be very perceptible at high gains.


All things considered, the subwoofer additionally accompanies a movable low pass hybrid framework to help diminish noise and improve the mixing with different speakers in your sound framework. While the subwoofer is superb for blasting vibrations when watching films, it additionally has the responsiveness expected to give great sound quality to music playback.


Additionally, Polk Audio gives perhaps the longest guarantee on their reasonable subwoofers, at five years. That gives true serenity that this subwoofer will keep going in any event as long as the remainder of your sound framework.

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2. Klipsch R-12SW


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  • 200-watt control with 400-watt dynamic power


  • Little mutilation at high increase




  • Only a two-year guarantee


  • Limited frequency reaction


Feature And What We Like About It:


This amazing subwoofer from Klipsch shares a lot of its plan with the R-10SW subwoofer from a similar producer, however, Features an augmented 12-inch cone driver that empowers significantly more power yield. This subwoofer is equipped for 200 watts of persistent power with a unique yield of up to 400 watts, and clients note that it is effectively fit for shaking a room when the addition is turned.

Noteworthy for a subwoofer at this humble value point, clients additionally note that there is almost no contortion when the increase is turned over half. Be that as it may, similar to the case for the entirety of the subwoofers under $500 we assessed, it is important that the bass isn’t as rich as on better quality subwoofers. What’s more, note that this subwoofer is fundamentally bigger than the R-10SW and will occupy more room in your room, just as interface with your room’s acoustics in an unexpected way.


One significant particular that remained the equivalent between this subwoofer and the R-10SW, shockingly, is the generally tight frequency reaction. With respect to the littler subwoofer, there is a perceptible frequency hole between this subwoofer and the mid-frequency speakers you have joined to your sound framework. While this probably won’t be an issue for motion pictures, clients saw it during music playback, even despite the low-pass hybrid channel and stage control incorporated with the subwoofer.

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