Best Electric Guitars with Whammy Bars in 2021

It can be confusing to choose the right electric guitars with hit bars, considering there are so many options to choose from. But luckily, our research team has worked hard to compare various models from different brands, aiming to achieve the best in terms of strike bar durability, overall guitar durability, design, versatility, and brand confidence. So in this article, you can get amazing results with the best electric guitars with whammy bars in 2021.

5 Best Electric Guitars with Whammy Bars in 2021

1. Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar:

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There’s a reason the Les Paul Special II is a best-selling electric guitar model because it offers the great sound and feel of the Gibson Les Paul ax at a price that will work for almost any budget. The mahogany construction of the LP Special II body and curved neck gives this guitar a warm, full tone that is especially nice with a tight string, making it perfect for hard styles like rock. A pair of Epiphone 700T and 650R open-coil humbuckers propel the sound of this instrument, and with the built-in pickup switch, you can customize the tone to your liking.

2. Squier by Fender Bullet Strat Electric Guitar:

Best Electric Guitars with Whammy Bars 2

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Fender first introduced its Bullet series as the first in a line of student guitars for first-time instrument collectors. That said, it may be more aimed at people who are still learning to play, but it can even be used by players who are just starting to play and record music. The three single-coil picks at the bridge, middle, and neck positions allow musicians to manipulate the guitar’s tone as they see fit, using the five-position pickup switch blade to dial in the appropriate sound.

3. Jackson JS22 Dinky Electric Guitar:

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With 24 jumbo oppositions and pearl shark inlays, the Jackson JS22 Dinky appearance is slim and sexy, which makes sense as Jackson has been the go-to choice for metal guitarists for the past decades. And it’s terrifying high-performance duplex and synchronous bridge fulcrum tremolo ensure you get the products you need to achieve the kind of achievements a genre requires; This can generate significant benefits. But he’s also capable of playing a variety of other styles, including classic rock and hard rock.

4. Ibanez GRX20 Electric Guitar:

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For years, Ibanez has been the product of choice for guitarists looking to play a variety of rock music styles, from metal to classic rock and more. With the GRX20, the company has successfully replicated the quality and character of some of its high-end products in a very affordable guitar. That makes it a great option for new guitarists or even those looking to add another ax to their collection without breaking the bank.

5. Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series AX3 Electric Guitar:

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In the ’80s, Music Man introduced Axis, a fine guitar that also happened to be the signature ax of a guitarist you heard about by the name of Eddie Van Halen. Ten years later, the S.U.B. AX3 takes that design and provides it to gamers at a very affordable price. The neck is one of the highlights of this instrument because its asymmetrical carving is thicker on the bass side than on the treble side, giving it great support when playing bass waves and chords. At the same time, the loose space at the top ensures that it will be able to lift through lead and tick lines without physical barriers.

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