Best Computer Speakers Under $200

With the advance of technology, we’ve moved from using computers solely for research, to making them a necessary leisure-time companion. Watching movies, listening to music, checking in on social media, playing games. We spend so much time on these systems that an important aspect to consider spending some cash on is computer speakers because, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more annoying than watching a movie and having to keep turning the volume up or missing out on suspenseful moments. In this article, we will discuss the best computer speakers under $200.

6 Best Computer Speakers under $200

1. Edifier Luna Eclipse

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Edifier is one of the best speaker brands in the market, and their Luna Eclipse 2.0 speakers are just absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for the best 2.0 speakers for under $200, then here you go. These speakers are unique, with the shape almost looking like M&M candies. The color is not the traditional piano black or matte black. You are offered the choice of black, red or white.

The Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse has a total power of 74 Watts; each satellite has a 19mm, magnetically shielded, 15 Watts tweeter, as well as a three-inch 22-Watts mid-range. Man, can these things pound out the sound. The three-inch passive bass radiator on the back allows it to produce that deep bass. Surprisingly, the frequency response of the speaker is 30-20,000 Hz, so it can provide the thump that you wanted even if this is a 2.0 speaker set. Unlike the 1700BT and the R1280DB, the Edifier E25 does not have two RCA ports, it has one 3.5mm and, of course, a Bluetooth connection. These speakers made our list because of their style, and booming sound – along with a very large sound range. There may be, however, some need to change the EQ settings on your computer to best tune the sound to your liking.

2. Yamaha NX-B55 2.0 Speakers

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Yamaha is a renowned motorcycle maker, but that’s not all they do. These Yamaha NX-B55 speakers are another one of Yamaha’s creations, and they secure their spot on our list of best 2.0 speakers for under $200. Small things can pack a big punch. No phrase better represents Yamaha’s NX-B55 speakers.

Sound is all we care about when it comes to speakers, and these Yamaha NX-B55s deliver. The highs and mids are phenomenal, and you can expect potent sound out of them that doesn’t fit their small frame. The bass is great for 2.0 speakers as well, but don’t think you’re getting anything close to 2.1 bass. The Yamaha NX-B55 comes in two variants. One is Bluetooth and one isn’t. I’d recommend getting the Bluetooth version just because of how versatile it is. You ever want to connect your phone to it? All you have to do is sync it up and get to listening to your favourite songs.

3. Edifier R1280DB

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Looking for a set of speakers that look nice on top of your desk but aren’t the conventional black color? The Edifier R1280DB is a great choice.

Wood is the best material to use for acoustics. Fortunately, the Edifier R1280DB uses a wood casing for their 2.0 speakers. The traditional black finish can be dull at times, the Edifier breaks free from this common look. This speaker produces studio-sound quality with its four-inch bass and 13 mm silk dome tweeter. The total power for this is 42W (21W per satellite), and the frequency response is 55Hz-20 KHz.

Edifier’s R1280DB speaker has multiple options for connections; it has Bluetooth, a coaxial port, an optical port, and 3.5mm connections. For ease of use, they have a remote control included that allows you to toggle through sources and adjust the volume (including mute) and of course power. Controls for adjusting the bass and treble are on the side of the main speakers. Along with the bass and treble control are the volume control and the input indicator. On the back of the main speaker, you have the connection ports.

4. Edifier R1700BT

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For a 2.0 speaker set, this thing is loud! The Edifier R1700BT has 66 W of total power. Plus it has this classic look. Loud, yet clear sound comes from its tweeter-midrange speakers on each satellite (15 W tweeters, 18 W Mid-Range). The frequency response for this is 60 Hz-20,000 Hz. There are two RCA / 3.5 mm connections on this speaker set so you can connect it to your TV, DVD, cell phone, other gadgets, or your computer. A big plus is that it also has the capability of connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Just like the Edifier R1280DB before it, this speaker comes with a remote control for volume and Bluetooth button for pairing it. For some reason though, the remote doesn’t have as many options as the R1280DB.On the main speaker, you will still see the controls for bass, treble, and volume. On the back of the main speaker, there are the RCA ports and the power button. If you look closely, you will also notice that the speakers are slightly tilted upwards to direct the sound to the listener if they are placed on top of a desk. This speaker set is also backed by a two-year warranty for Canada and US only.

5. Logitech Z623

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The Z623 speaker set is the exact same as the Z625. The only thing that separates them is the optical/to slink input. If the optical input is important to you, you can get the Z625 for another $30. If optical isn’t important, save your $30 and get the Z623. With money to spare, what are you going to buy? The right satellite has the volume, power, and bass controls. It also has the headphone jack and the auxiliary-in port. This speaker set is THX-certified, so expect the sound it produces to be exactly what the sound engineers intended it to be, booming and fantastic.

6. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

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This speaker is a great find and has been the champ for a long time. The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 takes a spot on our list of best computer speakers under $200 for many reasons. First off, it has 200 W of power (130 W sub, 35 W per satellite). If you want to rock in whatever room you’re in, these will do! Like the Logitech Z623, these are THX-certified, so expect great sound quality. This speaker has a frequency response of 31 Hz to 20 kHz. You can listen to music, play games, and watch movies, and the sound will be amazing.

The subs are powerful and can produce the deep bass you want without too much vibration. The satellites are designed to be minimalistic. The right speaker has the main volume control and the subwoofer volume, it also has the auxiliary-in and the headphone jack. The subs are side-firing with the port on the front side.

Before you go, I hope this above article best Computer Speakers under $200 will be helpful and informational for you.

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