Best Cash Back Credit Cards for Small Business

Business credit cards are useful tools to save thousands every year. You can get more out of your business expenses with a credit card with rewards like hotel stays, cashback, and discounts. In this article, we will discuss best cash back credit cards for small business.

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Many commercial cashback credit cards offer beginners rewards of hundreds of dollars or more, and this adds to the ongoing rewards that you can get for every dollar you spend. Some cards also provide consumer protection and cardholder benefits that can help business owners save money and protect their purchases.

Here’s some more tips for Best Cash Back Credit Cards for Small Business:

Best Cash Back Business Credit Cards:

Capital One® Business Spark® Cash

Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business * offers new cardholders one of the best reward offers available today, plus generous rewards at a fixed price. If you want to collect cash discounts without worrying about reward categories or earning limits, you should definitely consider this card.

Ink Business Preferred credit card

Ink Business Preferred red * credit card allows you to redeem cash or account statement balances, but you can also redeem travel rewards through a portal, 1: 1 transfers to airlines and hotel partners, gift cards and more. This makes this business credit card much more flexible than many cards in this list that offer fewer redemption options.

Ink Business Cash℠ credit card

Ink Business Cash℠ * credit card is popular with companies for their profitable profit categories, high reward limits and initial reward offer. Since this card does not charge an annual fee, many business owners consider it a long-term “custody card” that they can trust for years to come.

Ink Business Unlimited℠ credit card

Ink Business Unlimited℠ * credit card allows card holders to obtain a fixed rate of rewards at no annual fee. This card also gives a generous 0 percent presentation for April that can help you save money on interest when making new purchases for a limited time.

Bank of America® Business Advantage Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit card

The Bank of America® Business Advantage Cash Mastercard® cash rewards * are interesting because they allow you, the cardholder, to decide which category you want with the highest cashback rate. There are no annual fees, and you can earn additional rewards if you are an existing Bank of America customer who reaches the minimum funds deposited with the bank through the Preferred Rewards program.

American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card

The American Express Blue Business Cash Card is a hassle free business credit card that allows you to earn rewards at a fixed price without an annual fee. Consider this card if you want to collect big rewards for all your expenses and if you have another American Express credit card you get Amex membership rewards.

Capital One Spark® Cash Select for Business

For a fixed bonus rate without an annual fee, you can also see Capital One® Spark® Cash Select for Business *. This card offers a reduced bonus structure and a smaller initial bonus compared to Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business, but you will never pay an annual fee to carry it in your wallet.

Discover it® Business Card

Discover it® Business Card is one of the best credit cards to consider if you are concerned about paying a credit card fee. This card enables you to earn rewards and you can avoid most of the credit charges charged by other cards, including late fees.

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