Best Budget Portable Headphone Amplifier

In this article, we include the main 4 best budget portable headphone amplifier options that will incredibly improve the sound execution and bass yield from your headphones, all at a small amount of the expense and selling at generally amazing costs. Click the blue buttons below for more information.


1) Fiio A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier


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The FiiO A3 is passed on a standout amongst the best portable headphone amps you can discover. It includes a dazzling all-aluminum body and solid undercarriage which gives protection against the electro-attractive obstruction. It has a completely discrete bass lift circuit to expand yield by 3.5dB at 60Hz, and produces radiant sound quality through its OPA1642 preamp and AD8397 amp area. This headphone amp is uncommonly made for headphones running from 16 to 150 Ohms – you can likewise utilize the addition switch for coordinating yield to headphone power needs. The A3 has phenomenal layering, midrange goals and high recurrence expansion with generally amazing bass control. The bass lift circuit is totally sidestepped when killed to guarantee low commotion floor and virtue of sound quality.


Straight out of the case, we found the A3 little and portable and effectively matches with your headphones from your cell phone or PC. The sound execution increase in the A3 has an amazingly tremendous effect – on the off chance that you tune in to a ton of bass substantial music, this best portable headphone amp is certainly the one for you. The amp likewise includes a little bass switch on the front by the volume handle (gain switch on the opposite side) and gives a decent lift the bass without spilling into the higher frequencies, not at all like most programming EQs will in general do.


When we tried the A3 together with the Ultrasone Pro 900, the bass yield was marvellous – when the addition was gone up to high, the mids were a lot more pleasant, cleaner and conspicuous. The vocals likewise solid much better than anyone might have expected you can tune in to how smooth and unadulterated the sound really is. The highs additionally sounded significantly clearer – the highs are fresh and clean but not tyrannical or cruel. The amp takes care not to obfuscate up the frequencies so you are truly getting spotless sound from your headphones with the A3 yield.


2) TEAC Portable Headphone Amplifier HA-P50

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The TEAC HA-P50 is a top of the line sound reference quality headphone amp that is intended for elite headphones. This is our second recommendation for the best budget portable headphone amplifier.

It’s an exceedingly portable headphone amp for audiophile tuning in a hurry with its lightweight and minimal size. It packs an elite advanced to-simple connector and high detail control amplifier circuit into a minimal body to draw out the absolute best in your headphones. It gets astounding sound from your iPhone or Android by means of USB computerized yield and handled through the HA-50’s elite implicit DAC converter with negligible sound corruption and most extreme loyalty. The HA-P50 utilizes a Burr-Brown PCM5012 DAC converter which is equipped for handling advanced sound flag up to 24-bit/96kHz goals with a high 160mW + 160mW yield increase (double setting addition for use with high-impedance headphones), which implies that you can drive 600 ohm-class headphones at full power. It likewise includes a low twisting OPA 1652 operational amplifier to process music with most extreme immaculateness. The discrete push-pull circuit accomplishes an extremely low twisting rate of 0.001% which is exceptionally difficult to beat. So, in the event that you are searching for a standout amongst the best portable headphone amps to control your ultra-top of the line headphone with high impedance (i.e., HD800s), this amp is most likely the one you are searching for.


The HA-P50s produce high goals sound in a hurry and works incredibly with Android or iPhone gadgets and will sidestep your telephone’s (lower quality) interior DAC and amp. It likewise fills in as an outside DAC and truly upgrades the experience of tuning in to music or watching films on an iPad Air. The amp additionally works very well with simple sound sources, and is toughly fabricated and keeps running in any event 8 hours on a full battery charge. On simple sound, the HA-P50 takes contribution from non-advanced sound players and goes it through its complex amplifier circuits, giving a high caliber headphone listening knowledge in a hurry. The HA-P50s likewise acknowledges USB contribution from a PC/Mac, and contains an optical computerized input terminal that can be associated with a home sound framework. This headphone amp is truly something to be figured with regarding flexibility.



3) Peachtree Audio Nova Portable Headphone Amplifier


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The Peachtree Audio Nova is an uncommonly structured headphone amp made for audiophiles. It is by a wide margin a standout amongst the most dominant, portable and reduced amps with coordinated ultra-low clamor amplifiers to control the most requesting headphones to touchy in-ear screens. The hey/lo gain settings will coordinate low impedance or high impedance headphones, contingent upon what you pick. The SHIFT gives high-goals no concurrent USB DAC for playback of music records up to 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and 5.6 MHz DSD. It includes an ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC with a Hyper Stream Modulator and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator to make a characteristic, life-like sound. This amp is intended to totally sidestep the headphone yield on your cell phone, tablet or PC/MAC and give excellent sound quality. The inherent 4100 mAH battery gives as long as 8 hours of playback on a solitary charge, making it the ideal audiophile headphone amp in a hurry. It likewise includes a staggering and sturdy calfskin and aluminum fenced in area.

It is really is a standout amongst the best budget portable headphone amplifier intended for top of the line headphones.


In the wake of testing the SHIFT with different headphones, we were exceedingly inspired with its styling, manufacture quality, convenience and most significant of all, the sound quality. The SHIFT is genuinely conservative and has an exceptionally fantastic amp and DAC that inconceivably beats the telephone’s worked in amplifier and DAC. It accompanies links to charge its battery-powered battery just as short links for iPhone and Android gadgets. The unit includes a smooth pleasant calfskin top and an enormous cowhide pocket to hold both your telephone and unit together.




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The FiiO E17K ALPEN 2 USB DAC headphone amplifier is a strong, portable headphone amplifier with USB sound unraveling and can be utilized as an outside sound card (the E17K uses the SA 9027 USB collector). This backing up to 96 kHz/32bit and supporting DSD translating, giving top-notch computerized to simple transformation and operation amp from Texas Instruments. This headphone amp has fewer catches on the front than its antecedent E17. It additionally includes another multi-utilitarian wheel that reacts to the two turns and snaps, giving a natural dexterous control. Besides, the FiiO E17K utilizes the Texas Instruments’ new PCM5102, which includes higher handling power, lower mutilation, and straight DAC attributes. You can fundamentally interface the E17K with your PC for computerized sound exchange and energize the battery in the meantime.

All things considered, the E17K is among the absolute best budget portable headphone amplifier and is essentially all you require for a magnificent listening knowledge.


In the event that you are an audiophile that adores clear, smooth music that does not cause weakness from broadened times of tuning in from your headphones, the E17K works admirably and makes a portable expansion to your music this is why we recommend it as the best budget portable headphone amplifier. The minute you plug in this DAC into the PC through the USB port, it will trigger the sound to redirect through the DAC to your headphones rather than the implicit PC speakers. The inherent equalizer enables you to adjust the sound execution during the headphones for a smooth, clear and rich sound execution. You can likewise alter the bass yield which is decent – the bass is punchy and minimal, and stays where it should be without flooding into the mids. You can likewise modify the treble and volume controls to suit your listening inclinations.




The best budget portable headphone amplifier are essential in the event that you are utilizing great headphones or IEMs that require an all the more dominant source to divide them from your PC or cell phone yields. These quality headphone amps are intended to upgrade your listening background by bypassing your cell phone or workstation’s interior sound hardware and goes about as an independent advanced soundcard to process sound flag and lift the sound yield. On the off chance that you are hoping to overhaul your listening background from customary headphones, acquiring a committed headphone amp is an unmistakable should so as to capitalize on your headphones. Besides, a portion of these amps are sufficiently amazing to drive high impedance audiophile-grade headphones (>200 ohms) and will actually change your listening knowledge, making your music sound more extravagant, smoother and progressively effective with more profound division and soundstage. At the season of composing, a portion of these best portable headphone amps are presently selling at limited costs, so remember to check them out above.


Thank you for checking out today’s review on the best budget portable headphone amplifier.

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