Best Accountants Luton to Handle Corporation Tax

Best Accountants in Luton to Handle Corporation Tax – Key Information You Need To Know

Taxes are a part of the business. It’s essential that you take the time to make sure you understand each tax liability for your company.

We can introduce you to the best accountants Luton, Bedfordshire, at no risk. Even if you prefer to work online and choose accountancy solutions to manage your finances via the internet, it is still your responsibility, in the end, to ensure every tax liability is paid. This article focuses on a common tax for company owners that you shоuld bе аwаrе and that is соrроrаtіоn tах.

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The Basics of Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is applied to small and large businesses and most commonly it is the responsibility of limited companies. The profits which are taxable under this tax include profits from taxable income, investment profits, and capital gains. It does not matter where you promote your goods or services, if you are located in the UK then you are responsible for the tax.

Handling Corporation Tax

Yоur accountants Luton, or tax professional, shоuld bе аblе tо tаkе саrе оf thе соmраnу tах fоr уоu. Your accountancy services will notify the HMRC of your organization’s liability for the tax, ensure the ideal amount of tax is paid at the ideal time and file the tax return and records for the tax. The deadlines for these actions will change, but your accountant should know when these deadlines are.

One thing that’s important for you to notice and follow up on with your accountancy services is the deadlines for paying and filing. Typically you file the return until you pay the tax. With company tax, you need to pay before your document is filed if you have left it too late so watch out for that.


Using An Appointed Agent

When you have your accountant, or tax expert, to deal with your company tax, then they will become your agent and deal with the HMRC for you. This gives your accountancy service the ability to communicate with the HMRC and the responsibility of handling all of your corporation tax affairs.

Before they can become your appointed agent you will need to sign a form called 64-8, or send a letter to HMRC giving your authorisation.

It’s important to know that with company tax you have absolute responsibility for the taxation. So, when you appoint your service as your agent, you need to make certain that everything is handled properly. You must get a service that knows what they are doing, and that’s experience with managing corporation tax.


Doing Your Part

To ensure your taxes are handled appropriately you must make sure you understand the deadlines and how to figure out the tax calculation. This will ensure that you get the appropriate information to your accountancy services. After all, they can only do a fantastic job if they have the right information.

You should make certain to find out when they will need to pay and file the taxes so you can supply them with the proper info on time. You will need to provide all information about profits, capital allowances, chargeable gains, deductions, reliefs, allowances, and losses. It’s essential that you don’t keep anything from them so they can properly put together your taxes accurately and free from errors.

By working together with your accountants Luton, you can make certain that your tax liability is properly handled. You can avoid fines or penalties, too. Corporation tax is something you cannot ignore, so making sure you get it handled properly is important.

Remember that even if you had low income, a dormant company or you did not really trade in the year you will still need to file annual accounts and notify HMRC about your corporation tax return. Unfortunately, a lot of people misunderstand this and then they get surprised by brown letters with huge fines and it gets out of control. Avoid this today.

Faithful in your success!

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