Awesome 3-Day Online Business Course! (On Sale Now)

Some friends asked me about new strategies to start and build a business online, and live the laptop lifestyle

Learn the A to Z of new strategies to start and build your business online, and live the laptop lifestyle. Click for more info:

3 Day New Life Business Bootcamp

What is the Cost?

Total value is over $800.

The price is $149 for this 3 day course. But this is not what you will pay.

We will pay for 2 days for you. You pay only for day 1.

Pay only $49 today – for a limited time only.

This 3 day course is for startups and self employed individuals. It is perfect for you if you have a side hustle or you’re building your business part-time around other commitments. It also proves successful for established business owners who want to grow their businesses using the new online methods.

You will receive bite-size training videos with practical steps each day:

Day 1:

You will learn how to use your website to generate leads fast & easy.

(Worth $297)

Day 2:

You will learn how to do lead generation for more clients with new methods.

(Worth $297)

Day 3:

You will learn how to set up your sales strategy and confidently pitch your ideas so people buy from you.

(Worth $297)


At the end of the 3 day course you will get your own personal certificate of completion of the New Life Business Bootcamp. Plus you will take away all of the following key information:

☛ How to leverage the power of the internet to grow small business?

☛ What are the best new ways to reach clients online?

☛ How to generate new clients online?

☛ How to establish credibility and a good reputation online?

☛ How to start a digital business and leverage the internet?

☛ How to use social media and the return on investment?

☛ How to increase turnover and sales consistently?

Give yourself a new hope today

Whether you want to make a few extra hundred pounds a month or experience BIG five figure yearly revenues (like the clients we work with recently achieved), the New Life Business Bootcamp will show you how.


Take advantage of our Zero-Risk Guarantee

The systems have worked for our clients, and we share the exact steps we use in our own businesses, and it will work for you too. But in the highly unlikely event that you aren’t 100% satisfied after completing ALL the lessons, we will refund your money if you ask us within 7 days after you purchased the course.



Ruth Noel consults and advises entrepreneurs, small business owners & startups on tax and business strategy. Ruth is the author of How to Make Your Tax Sexy’, with over 100 published blog articles to help with money, tax and business growth. She is also the founder of,

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