Armed Forces Tax Refunds

Armed Forces Tax Refunds – Get Your Military Tax Rebate

Did you know all participants of the English Armed Forces have entitlement to UK travel taxes relief?

Each year, many personnel lose out by not filing for the military tax rebate that might be worth a lot of money to you.

The procedure to claim armed forces tax refunds when in the military might appear challenging, but don’t allow this damage your likelihood of claiming back tax that you are actually entitled to receive.

Check out our simple guide here on Armed Forces Tax Refunds to determine whether or not you can get money back and claim back tax when in the military:

First question, are you eligible to claim back tax when in the military?

– If you’re in the Forces, use your own vehicle or open public transport to access work, and also have been posted to 2 or even more bases (inc abroad and trips) then you will be qualified to claim back tax when in the military.

– If you live on base through the week, but you go back home to a different address for weekends, or longer times of leave, in that case your home address would be classed as your primary residence. In cases like this you would be able to claim for travel. In the event that you already get a Get You Home Travel (GYH) allowance you should inform your accountant who will take this into consideration in the computations of your tax return.

What May I Claim For Tax When In The Military?

– If you’ve paid for your own travel for commuting to work, you can claim back tax when in the military on these expenditures.

How Much May I Claim Back Tax When In The Military?

– The MOD pay 20p per mile with allowances such as Get You Home , and if you are commuting to a non permanent workplace this goes up to 45p per mile (for your first 10,000 kilometers) and 25p per mile from then on.

– The average Claim back tax when in the military by specialists, Forces Money, is 1, 725.

What Do I Have To Claim Back Tax When In The Military?

– To claim you’ll need your previous 4 years of P60’s. As well as the dates when you have travelled on general public transport. You’ll also need tickets, or receipts, for your journeys to claim back tax when in the military.

– The main things that the tax expert will need from you are addresses of bases that you went to, including for lessons or training, deployments or trips of work and every month payslips.

– You may get copy payslips or an annual PAYE statement.

– If you would like the tax expert to communicate with HMRC on your behalf then they will also require that you sign an authorisation form for HMRC. This will allow the tax expert  to talk with them on your behalf  and help you make the claim.

– Your tax expert will also give you a clear and simple checklist before you get started. This will help you to prepare and send all of the records that they need to process your tax refund as quickly as possible.

Faithful in your success! 

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