Applications of gummed lobe pumps for your company

Industrial lobe pumps are a class of rotary bombs of positive displacement. These suction machines have two lobes that work in different directions one of other one, in this way, the product (liquid or solid sucked) is conducted fluidly between the body of the pump, the lobes and the cover.


What are the gummed lobe pumps and what are their main characteristics?

Its characteristics (great capacity of managing all kinds of liquids, solid and fluid, autosuction, great hygiene and the possibility of pass medium solids in suspension up to 30 mm with fluids) and reduced design, does that these industrial bombs are used in certain areas and managerial sectors as the treatment of waste water, in the sanitary industry, the pharmaceutical sector, the agriculture and the mining industry.

Gummed lobe pumps are used in a variety of industries (biotechnology, pulp and paper, chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical) and have a wide range of applications in environmental technology and the chemical industry. Their continuous and gentle conveyance of almost any substance while dosing in proportion to rotation speed are some of their most important advantages.


The rotors of the radial lobe pumps have a high turning precision which gives them a perfect synchronization. Gummed lobe pumps are a type of autosuction volumetric bomb of great performance. The rubberized rotors allow working with pressures of up to 10 bars.

The flows that handle these industrial bombs can go from the 10 to 120 m3/h and have a great resistance to the graze, which makes them ideal for exceptionally hard works. In addition, they have other interesting options such as reversibility, self-aspiration, handling of viscosities of up to 100,000 cPs, easy placement of side plates and the possibility of passing solids of a certain size.


What are the industrial sectors that use industrial lobe pumps?

These pumps offer a variety of lobe options and applications including bi-wing, single, tri-lobe and multi-lobe.

These characteristics give the lobe pumps the ability to perform the following applications:

    • Treatment of detergents and chemical agents as the tensioactivos, glycerines and carbonates


  • Pumping chemical substances in the sea such as oil, treatment of marine spills and preventive management of sea water


  • Common rotary lobe pump applications include, but are not limited to paints and dyes, polymers, soaps and surfactants


The benefits of the lobar bombs respect of another type of industrial machines of pumping are wide. This class of suction pump is capable of saving space thanks to his limited dimensions and size, for what it fits in any hollow and installation.

The maintenance of the lobar gummed bombs is minimal since you can access inside and change the parts spoiled of an easy and simple way. They are capable of working in dry during a certain period of time and are reversible.

Also, a gummed lobe pump possesses a great capacity of aspiration and managing fluid of all kinds offers one of the best relations quality and use of the market.


This versatility of handling suits many of the industrial needs and you can choose different options such as materials (ferritic steel and stainless steels) and elements such as rotors and side plates.

They are popular in these diverse industries (sanitary industry, pharmaceutical sector, agriculture and mining industry) because they offer high efficiency, reliability and superb sanitary qualities.


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