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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an American premium video subscription video streaming service, available as a separate service or a part of the Amazon Prime membership.

Like other similar video services from Amazon, it features an On Demand library featuring popular movies and TV shows, subscriptions to pay-per-view movies and programs, and a digital video library containing all of the DVD movies and TV shows that have been released in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

 This means that, just as with other online video services, viewers can instantly access full versions of movies and TV shows that they are interested in without having to wait for a movie or show to be released in their local theaters.

As with all other video content from Amazon, however, the viewing experience can vary by region, as some video content is region-specific and requires downloads.

The Golden Globe Awards propelled Amazon into the lead position for subscription video streaming services. The Golden Globe Awards was the most watched television event of the year, and Amazon’s membership growth continued to increase as the number of television viewers watching on-air increases as well.

While the company did not directly claim responsibility for the Golden Globe Awards’ massive ratings, they did post a link on their website encouraging viewers to check out the Golden Globe Awards’ website for updated information on the ceremony.

Other major television network companies have since started offering their own streaming services on the heels of the Golden Globe Awards’ massive ratings.

In addition to the Emmys, the Golden Globe Awards were followed by the Oscars and the Critics Choice Awards, which were taken over the internet immediately following the awards show. In fact, the overwhelming popularity of the Golden Globe Awards and the Emmys was somewhat surprising to many people because it is generally thought that most people view the nominations and awards show via online streaming video services such as Netflix or Hulu instead of through traditional broadcast television. Despite this, the overwhelming interest demonstrates that there are strong audience trends towards these types of services as well as the growing number of television series streaming regularly on the internet as well.

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