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Agent for Service of Process in Texas – a Short Overview

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Before forming a corporation or limited liability company, you must choose an agent to serve in the process. Agent for service of process in Texas is the term that represents a complex legal jargon, but the concept is quite simple. An agent to serve a process is someone who receives legal procedures and other documents on behalf of your business. Depending on the state in which you live, the agent can also be a registered agent or a legal agent.


What is an agent for service of process?

If you’re likely to seek the services of a Texas-registered agent, you can find one online. By law, you should have an agent to do a process in the state in which your business was made and in each extra state where your business is registered to conduct business. The registered agent has an important job, or so the individual or entity you pick have to be responsible and trustworthy.  If you don’t keep a registered agent it can lead to penalties for your small business.

An agent might be authorized to obtain personal property for the principal. Although it is OK that you be your personal registered agent, there are lots of good reasons to pick a professional instead.


What does “Process Service” mean?

Each state has laws that describe how this notice should occur. The person delivering the convention records the delivery date or “service,” and this sets its deadline for submitting a response. A “process service” may also refer to the delivery of other legal documents, such as subpoenas that require you to present evidence in court.


Why do I need an agent to serve the process?

For example, you would not have to give a procedure to a part-time adolescent employee who is about to retire. For this reason, the law of each state requires that each business entity designate a person or company that accepts a process service for the business in that state. By law, you must have an agent to perform a process in the state in which your business was created and in each additional state where your company is registered to do business.


What does a process services registration agent do?

The registered agent is responsible for accepting the legal documents delivered to your business. The agent must send the documents to the appropriate person in your company. Public records of commercial entities will show the name and address of the agent. As a result, the agent can receive notifications from the secretary of state authorities and tax authorities. The agent must also send you these notices.  If you do not keep a registered agent it can result in penalties for your business.


Who should I choose as my registered agent?

The registered agent has an important job, so the person or entity you choose must be responsible and reliable. While you can save money by acting as your own agent, there are cases in which you would prefer to hire another person to do the job. Here are some things to think about:

  • The agent must be available during normal business hours. So if you are not normally in your office during the day, you must choose another person as an agent.
  • If you or a member of your employees is acting as your agent, you may feel embarrassed when a court document processing server sends it to your clients and employees.
  • You are concerned about privacy, you may prefer to designate another person as an agent.
  • If you do business in more than one state, you will need an agent in each state. For reasons of consistency, it may be easier to hire a registered agent company to provide this service in each state.

A registered agent is an essential part of the operational structure of any business entity.

What is a registered agent in Texas?

Agent for service of process in Texas a Texas-registered agent is required for Texas corporations and Texas LLCs that are registered with the Secretary of State. The registered agent is the contact named in Texas to deliver official and process notifications. When you are a registered agent in Texas, we scan and upload all documents received at our recommended Austin office.

A registered agent service provides you with the flexibility to concentrate on your company rather than keeping tabs on deadlines and being available during business hours.

Northwest Registered Agent Service is the sole national registered agent that locally scans everything in your online account in actual time and you can use it in Texas as well as anywhere in the USA.

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