Affilorama Review

Affilorama Review

Thank you for checking out this review today! In today’s review we are talking about Affilorama.
This is an affiliate marketing online training portal created by super successful affiliate marketer Mark Ling and internet entrepreneur Simon Slade. There are over 600,000 members currently. 

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Who is it for?

This portal is especially for those of you who are interested in affiliate marketing and this course is very newbie friendly. It is good to point out that experienced affiliate marketers can also gain knowledge on how to improve sales, boost search engine rankings and find new profitable keywords.


What is affilorama?

Affilorama is an online training platform that is made up of lessons and training on how to start and grow your affiliate marketing business. Their mission is to help people make money online and move away from the day job.

If you prefer you can review my quick demo video where I show you the real affilorama and how you can use it:

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In my opinion, it is a great platform to learn and see how to do affiliate marketing on 1 specific area. By this I mean it is useful if you’re looking to start or grow your website and do affiliate marketing with written content, photos andvideos and publish it on your own website.

There are some marketers who would say that this type of affiliate marketing has died out now. However, in my experience it does work well and it brings high-quality prospects and leads that you can build a relationship. Plus they are usually very interested in the service or products you are talking about.

The platform is really easy to use and they genuinely provide valuable content that is free. It is completely free to join and you can do so with a click of a button. The free courses are focused on the essentials of affiliate marketing comma perfect for a newbie.

affilorama review

They then have 4 main products that go into a lot more detail and give you fuller training and guidance. You can purchase the use individually and the price ranges.

Here is a summary of the products they offer:


Pathway to Passive – $37

This course is focused on overcoming the problems that hold back most people trying to do affiliate marketing. If focuses on some solid steps such as how to choose the right product to sell, how to get traffic to your website and have to create attractive content that people actually want to share.


AffiloTools – $997
This is a premium suite of tools for internet marketers. You can use these tools to really dig deep into your website and check the data to see how to improve your search engine rankings. It is high quality and it integrates with website such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing, SEMRush and a whole lot more. I like that it tells you about how to improve your SEO speed up your website and you can use it to build quality backlinks as well. Sounds like a dream for the technical people who love analtyics!

+Also comes with a bonus of FIVE profitable niche websites, and over $3,000 worth of content for each one.

affilorama review


Affiloblueprint – $ 197

This one is especially useful for people who want to make money online but I felt like they’re not getting anywhere. To show you a fool proof system that you can use over and over again to build your website and generate income with your affiliate marketing efforts. They also give you a method to help you create great content even if you don’t like to write! I always love consistency and actually drilling down into how to successfully do the same thing over and over again…. This is a key to great success from the millionaire minds!


AffiloJetpack -$997

This is great if you were looking for a shortcut to getting your website up and running and starting to do affiliate marketing. You pay one time and they give you 5 websites that are done for you and set up all ready to go. It also comes with 90+ expertly crafted emails to put into your funnel. This is a very high amount of emails to get most courses come with 10 to 20 so it will definitely be useful for you in following up and building the relationships with your subscribers and this is how you can begin to generate more sales later on. You also get 20 content “cheat sheets” to create content with some quick tricks.

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Is it real or hype?

It is fair to say though that this is a long-term game and it is unlikely to bring money overnight or in a short time frame (although it is not impossible if you really pump up your blog with high-quality content, and keywords and stumble across a unsaturated niche).

So what are the drawbacks of Affilorama? Well I was about to say that one of the drawbacks is a limited focus on traffic generation, which is really key for making money online… However, I take that back! They have you covered in that area too. Particularly the AffiloJetpack course actually gives you a training regime on how to generate traffic from as many sources as possible. Woah! Two thumbs up!

Some people might say at this point that they don’t want to do a website format for affiliate marketing, and that is fair enough there are many other methods that you can try. Yet, I really value the focus with this quality platform.

Another bonus is the give you support a blog and a forum for even more information you can use. The products are covered by a 60 day guarantee so you don’t even need to worry if you don’t like it after trying it out.

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I hope that this review on Affilorama helps you know yourself more when it comes to choosing how you want to do affiliate marketing….

Faithful in your success!

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Affilorama Awards:

Deloitte Fast 50 – 44th fastest growing company in NZ

Air New Zealand Cargo Canterbury Export Awards

Champion Canterbury Awards – Global Operator Finalist:

Vero Business Awards – Finalist:

AmCham Export Awards – Exporter of the Year Finalist

Deloitte Fast 50 – 23rd fastest growing company in NZ

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific – Winner

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