A Luxury Travel Vlog Experience In Bangkok @ The 5 Star SO Sofitel Hotel Thailand

FREE WEBINAR COMING UP! Learn How I Made $70k In 1 Month as a college dropout – JOIN NOW i’m now also breaking into the luxury travel vlog industry. Why? Because day trading is the perfect counterpart as I can do it anywhere there is wifi or a 4g connection i can tether to my phone/laptop. I’m never more happy then when i am traveling. So here i am. FOUSTV is now officially bringing you weekly travel vlogs with a taste of luxury and day trading!

I’m finally finding some passion again in my life. Don’t get me wrong i love day trading. But 12 years of staring at your computer at home can get old. Traveling and trading is the most epic job ever! So thats what i am combining now and showing people how it can be done!

Here we are staying at the 5 star luxury SO Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok Thailand over looking lumpini park. Its world class and has an amazing view to boot. The fine dining restaurant is also amazing on the rooftop with the best view i have seen in Bangkok so far!

As a digital nomad day trader and so called finance guru I am able to work from anywhere in the world and live a life most only dream of. I’m basically a day trader turned luxury travel vlogger… Wtf how did this happen? I guess because 12 years ago I sold my car and opened up a day trading account and the rest is history.

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Learn How To Travel And Day Trade making Money remotely with these 7 Free Video Lessons base is San Diego, ca but my favorite past time and thing to spend my money on is traveling. These are not per say vacation, im a hustler and i’m always working while on the go which is whats so great about having a remote job!

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