8 Powerful Tools Digital Entrepreneurs Can Use to Save Time & Money

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As Digital entrepreneurs, you just cannot have enough knowledge and acquiring new skills as well as getting aware of new technologies is essential.When you become an online entrepreneur, you should be able to take more control over how you pay taxes and save money and time. Improve your tax situation, and grow your online business with the help of these pretty hot digital tools…

An increasing number of online entrepreneurs are using dozens of cloud-based software and apps. Here are eight of useful cloud software and apps to keep you ahead and make your life easier:

Evernote – you probably have this one

This awesome cloud-based app syncs all your devices to allow you to view data as well as share, and edit as needed. Scan to items instantly and add notes with automatic updates. No matter where you are, you can rely on the personal assistant.

Asana – cloud-based project management software

As a busy online entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming at times to enjoy scalability and flexibility. Asana’s architecture can help make your life so much easier and structure your business so that it is easy to remember all the tasks.

Xero – online accounting and bookkeeping

As a business owner, you must realize the importance of invoicing and Due is strongly recommended for invoicing options and essential communications. Manage your books and finances with confidence with the accounting software offering one of the best options. Export invoices as an XML or CSV file and create options for taxes and discounts.

GoCardless – simple & quick way to get automatic payments

Get rid of those annoying payment requests. Use this for setting up payments for any kind of service online. No website required. Make it easier for your clients to send you money. There are no long forms to fill out and no caps. Moreover, it is a lot faster.

Zapier – get tasks done super fast automatically

Zapier connects your online business to new realms and functionality. The best part here is that you need not be an API wizard to use Zapier. Improve the productivity and efficiency of your business with the right tools in place.

IBM Global Entrepreneur
 resources you need as a digital entrepreneur

Access to a global network of industry leaders, clients, and technical experts. Tap into the Analytics, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data to innovate with the help of the IBM Global Entrepreneur program.

Flippaview apps to buy and sell

Flippa deserves a top spot in Entrepreneurs Marketplace in the list of best apps. Download the Flippa marketplace app to get access to thousands of listings of auctions at the touch of a finger. 

TrackMaven – check out the ‘competition’

This app enhances your ability to display data on your competition and all without the hassle of going through multiple sources and consultations. Remove all that extra white noise and filter the marketing activity to improve efficacy and avoid wastage of time.


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