8 Easy Ways to Instantly Boost Your Self-Confidence

Self-doubt weighing you down? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there before and can understand how frustrating those thoughts can be. But the good news is you don’t have to continue walking under rain clouds of negativity. Despite contrary belief, self-confidence is a skill set rather than a character trait. And it’s one you can easily teach yourself!

So forget the notion that confidence is something people are born with. If you’re seeking to boost your self-esteem, below are eight quick actions you can take to become more confident ASAP.

1. Sit up straight.
Once again, Mom was right. According to research, sitting with good posture will not only lead to more confident, positive thoughts, but it will also increase your overall mood. So the next time you find yourself slumping or slouching, remember your mom’s advice: roll back those shoulders, open up your chest, and sit up tall.

2. Get caffeinated.
Lover of lattes or all things coffee? Well you’re in luck, as caffeine has been proven to increase energy, alertness, and yes, even confidence. So go ahead; guzzle down that extra cup of joe.

3. Break a sweat.
We all know exercising is good for your physical well-being, but did you know working out on a regular basis can work wonders on your mental health, too? Studies have shown breaking even the slightest of sweats can lead to more confidence, not to mention less stress.

4. Spritz on your favorite fragrance.
Need another excuse to splurge on your favorite fragrance? Fragrance expert and founder of Note Fragrances Danielle Fleming states that aromas play a huge part in how you feel and can instantly elicit a range of emotions, including feeling more relaxed, happy, and confident.

5. Visualize greatness.
If you’re in a time crunch but need a quick confidence-booster, consider simply closing your eyes and calling upon your imagination. Prep your mind for mental success by picturing yourself conquering a personal goal. Remember the power of visualization: seeing is believing. The more you visualize achievement, the more you’ll come to expect success, and this mindset can only lead to greater feelings of self-assurance.

6. Jam out.
Not only can listening to upbeat music instantly uplift your mood, but turning up the tunes can also make you feel more powerful. And who doesn’t love a good jam session?

7. Wear a smile.
Don’t hide those pearly whites from the world any longer. Instead, showcase them for all to see by wearing a smile. In doing so, you will appear both confident and composed, and trust me, people will take notice. But don’t just think smiling only has external effects. Research shows smiling can shed internal signs of stress, making you feel happier and more relaxed.

8. Be your own cheerleader.
And finally, don’t forget to cheer yourself on. Talk to yourself. Think positive thoughts. Utilize the power of self-affirmations and focus on the good. What makes you you? Look yourself in the mirror and tell that person you see how awesome YOU are. Post sticky notes around your home to remind yourself, too, because the more often you practice self-kindness, the faster you will believe it!


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