7 Ways to Survive Using Your Smartphone

You might always not have an emergency kit with you, but there’s one thing you, me, and probably most other people on this planet will not leave the house without. That’s right, our phones! Yeah, you might be addicted to your phone, but it could end up saving your life in an emergency!

You can call 911 in North America or 112 in Europe even if the phone is blocked, deactivated, or it has no sim card inside! But let’s go a little more extreme. Imagine your phone has run out of power. If you can’t use it as intended, then just take it apart! A smartphone is full of survival treasures: the screen, wires, battery, chips. All of them will make your life much easier if you’re alone in the wilderness with nothing but a dead phone in your hand.

Pocket-sized storage 2:05
A fire-starter 2:27
Reflecting an SOS signal 3:07
Navigation 4:13
A weapon or sharp tool 5:07
Fishing hooks 5:40
First-Aid 6:06
❗️ Apps that can keep that from happening ❗️ 7:03

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– You can use your phone or the case as a storage box for some small items. It can be a razor blade, a needle, a fishing line, or a short survival instruction in a plastic bag.
– Almost any battery, including the one in your smartphone, can be used to start a fire. Put one end of the wire on the positively charged node of the battery and the other on the negative one. It’ll immediately glow red-hot, so your time is limited!
– Use the screen to reflect sun- or moonlight. Sun reflections can be seen over long distances, just like a flashlight!
– Even the oldest cellphone models have a magnet in them and a piece of wire that can serve as a needle for the compass. You’ll need about ½ to 1 inch of a metallic wire.
– Phones are full of hard metal parts that can be sharpened on a rock and used as a weapon or knife. And a sharp tool like that can be a key to surviving in the wild.
– If you don’t think you’re fast enough to “spear” your seafood dinner, then use some of those small sharp pointy parts in your phone as “hooks” for fishing.
– If you’ve got a bad cut on your arm or leg, you can use the cable to your ear- or headphones as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.
– Family Locator and similar apps link the phones of your family members into one network. It’ll show your location on a map so that your loved ones know where you are and how to find you.
– Emergency apps like SOS+ let you push an alarm button on your phone so that all the people in your emergency contact list will know that something has happened to you.
– There’s an app called SaveMePro that lets you call 911 without having to actually dial the number!
– If you’re heading to the mountains, be sure to download the Uepaa! The app that lets your smartphone work as a transmitter that sends a signal for up to 1,500 ft.
– Facebook Safety Check works automatically if you have the Facebook app on your phone. The app determines if you’re in a disaster zone and sends you a special request.

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