7 Features That Finally Make the New Apple Watch Worth It

Despite releasing the Apple Watch Series 2 just one year ago in September 2016, Apple has decided to amp up its game with a new device in the lineup: the Apple Watch Series . However, unlike the previous two models, this Apple Watch finally comes with LTE service. Find out what else Apple revealed about the Apple Watch Series 3 at an event on Sept. 12:

  1. It has cell service: You no longer need your iPhone near you at all times to receive or make calls on the Apple Watch!
  2. It shares the same number as your personal phone: Instead of coming up with a new number and giving it to your friends and family, it’ll carry the same one as your personal phone.
  3. It has a new crown color: The crown, instead of matching whatever color your watch is, will be red.
  4. It’ll come in the following colors: Gold aluminum, silver aluminum, and space gray, as well as a gray version in ceramic.
  5. New sports and Hermés bands: The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available with a more breathable sports loop band, as well in new Hermés styles and watch faces.
  6. It still has some of the awesome features of Apple Watch Series 2: It’ll still come with a built-in GPS tracker and have a water resistance of 50 meters.
  7. A new watchOS: With watchOS 4, out on Sept. 19, the Apple Watch will come with a slew of new features, like smart activity coaching, new Toy Story watch faces, and a new Heart Rate app that can measure your heart rate while it’s resting, during a workout, and while it’s recovering.

The Apple Watch Series 3 starts presale on Sept. 15 with the 38mm and 42mm models retailing for $399. Apple is also offering a noncellular Apple Watch Series 3 option at $329. It ships out on Sept. 22. Check out more photos of Apple’s newest watch ahead.


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