6 things you should know before hiring a bookkeeper for your business

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Creative entrepreneurs are becoming more and more virtual. With the growth of online tools such as team management and collaboration it is now easier than ever to hire virtual teams to handle important business components. You can even hire bookkeepers online who will handle all of your monthly business needs. But before you hire your bookkeeper there are six important things you should know.

1. Qualifications

It is imperative that you check in on what qualifications and certifications the agents hold before you hire their services. This is especially important in the virtual setting where you might not be able to meet with them face-to-face. You want to look for a Xero Certified team.

2. Software

You want to make sure that the people you hire to handle your business are using only the latest and greatest accounting software. The best software will keep up to date with the newest tax laws and regulations, which govern the way your business and its books are kept. It may also be in your best interest to look for an online bookkeeper that provides you with the same software they will use so that you have access to the same information.

3. Fees

There should be no hidden fees when you hire a virtual bookkeeper. You should be able to get detailed information on the cost and services that will be provided. Some of the better bookkeepers will provide monthly services that cover a range of things for a flat fee that does not change. It is still in your best interest to ask what services are covered exactly and what extra fees you might incur and why.

4.  Experience and References

You should inquire about the experience the bookkeeper has had prior to hiring. References should be supplied and contact needs to be made, so you can ask about the bookkeeper’s quality of work and performance. There are many websites that can give you independent reviews about the professional services offered by online accountants and these are a great starting point in your background research.

5. Requirements from You

When you hire an online accountant to complete your bookkeeping in an accounting package, it’s in your best interest to establish your responsibilities and what the accountant will need from you, both up front and throughout the duration of your professional relationship.

6. Communication

You should inquire as to how the bookkeeper will communicate with you and/or your company accountant. You don’t want open communication to suffer. It’s important to make sure you introduce everyone from the get-go and provide an open means of communication with one another.

In conclusion, when you dedicate yourself to building a company from the ground up, the last thing you want weighing you down is accounting and bookkeeping paperwork. Thankfully, you can hire a professional bookkeeping company online to virtually handle all of your paperwork, allowing you the time and freedom to travel and not be tied down.

If you want to focus on the work that you love, turn to an online bookkeeping company and let them do what they love: accounting. You can hire someone passionate about looking after your books with VIP bookkeeping packages and rest assured that the work is done by Certified Xero accountants who are using cutting edge accounting software. These packages are all-inclusive and handle everything under one roof.

You can rest assured that your accounting services, VAT, PAYE, consulting, and monthly bookkeeping will be in the hands of a certified professional. You also get free software with this package. Startup packages start from only £99/month.

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